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    Gone to the dark side.

    Well after many years of pop-up camping we have gone to the Dark side. We loved the Coleman Sedona. But with me fighting and beating leukemia now she said it was time to get a TT. Not a big one just enough room for us, the kids and the pups. Only a 20 footer. I still love reading everybodys...
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    HELP Large window awnings

    In the past I saw a design for large window awnings using pvc pipe and trap material. I was wondering if someone could help me with some pictures, as we just bought a 2001 Coleman Sedona popup. And would like to make up 1 for the large window. Thanks for the help John
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    Skunk spray

    Anybody know of a cleaner to get skunk spray off the alumium on the roof and side? My brother in laws dog decieded the skunk was a new toy and gave it a good shake while the cridder was spraying. Any help would be nice...
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    Watkins Glen NY

    Just got back from a wonderful weekend at Watkins Glen. Weather was great. We hiked the Glen that was great. The girls had fun taking pictures of the Glen. Had great meal at Senica Lodge on Saturday night. All in all a great trip.
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    Earl Rowe Provincal Park

    We went to Earl Rowe Provincal Park for the Canada Day week 5 Days. We had a great time. Weather was nice. Camp site was perfect. [CP]