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    Looking at Rockwoods 2318g or 2716G, how heavy to push?

    I need to update my profile. We now have a Grand Cherokee as a TV. 6200 lb capacity.
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    Looking at Rockwoods 2318g or 2716G, how heavy to push?

    I have thought of this too. Would be a solution!
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    Looking at Rockwoods 2318g or 2716G, how heavy to push?

    Ok thanks for the thoughts. It mirrors my concerns and expectations. I revisited my storage today (while lubricating the lift system on my current pup) and it is flat but a quick ramp up into the garage. It is a push to achieve that and not sure I want a ton of momentum if I need to stop 3000...
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    Looking at Rockwoods 2318g or 2716G, how heavy to push?

    We are looking at an upgrade to a much larger pop up than our 1994 Coleman Columbia and have been focused on Rockwoods 2318g’s and 2716g’s. They have similar floor plans with a slide out dinette on the side and are 2400-2800 lbs dry. One of my biggest concerns is getting them into my storage...
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    To replace PUP canvas or search out a newer PUP

    I am applying some seam sealer, but I am skeptical it is going to be more than a temporary fix for me. With the tape in the seams deteriorating out, I suspect in the long run it will keep leaking. How did you like the new canvas?
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    To replace PUP canvas or search out a newer PUP

    We have a 1994 Coleman Columbia which has served us well for the past 8 years. However, the water barrier that was sewn into the seams on the bunk ends has been deteriorating and falling out in pieces, which has also lead to increasing amounts of water leaking in when it rains. This camping...
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    Adding rack to roof of camper

    My solution was a strap on roof rack which worked great! No issues. It's a swagman rack attached to some 2x4 feet, strapped down with a rubber gasket in between it and my pup. A couple sport rack bike racks supported our bicycle. No issues on our Memorial Day trip and no putting holes in my pup!
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    Adding rack to roof of camper

    Thanks for the link to the ideas. I guess my big concern is hitting wood and not air under the aluminum.
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    Adding rack to roof of camper

    JeepMama, thanks for the pics. I believe the roof style is the same on ours as it is on yours. However, I will look closer once I get home, as I am having trouble being sure checking out the pictures on my phone. If you happen to think to ask him whether he was able to hit the wood side...
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    Adding rack to roof of camper

    I am looking to add a two bar rack to the top of my pop up. However, I do have a challenge in mounting it, which I am looking to get some insight on. The edges of the roof on my 94 Coleman Columbia are curved. There is some hard wood material underneath the aluminum at the corners which I...
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    Do you take your receiver off when your PUP is in storage?

    Theft for scrap value is a problem around here, so I am certain to take it off when not in use. It fits nicely in a storage bin under the floor in the back of our TV.
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    Anyone downsize to small SUV as a TV?

    I suspect for a lighter PUP the Rav4 would tow just fine. It doesn't sound like your PUP is anything too huge or heavy, and you are using just a little over half the tow capacity. I doubt you would struggle towing that PUP with it. We tow with a 6 cylinder Outback, but it is a larger/heavier...
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    What is a "whiffletree"?

    I just learned about my own whiffletree. Spent an afternoon taking the shielding off, lubing it all up, and getting it back together a few weeks ago before hitting the road. Was easy, and I learned something new about my PUP!
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    maybe getting a popup a 19 foot camper and bad thing?

    More room is enticing at times. However, it also makes everything else "more" too. More tow vehicle to pull it, more fuel for tow vehicle, more room to store it. More room at site to fit it in. More more more more. Our Columbia is rather small and light, and although at times we wished we...
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    Have you had a long wait and line

    My PUP is too rustic for such conveniences as a potty! [:D] It would be nice to have late at night, but yesterday as I was driving by a line of about 30 RV's all waiting at the park cleanout, I was rather happy to be "on the road" already too.
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    Drive way camping anyone???

    I have spent time in my pup, in the driveway, but never slept out in it the whole night. Guess my old bones just cannot give up my normal bed unless I am actually out in the woods! [:D]
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    Coleman Columbia owners club.

    Wow, I feel like I have the "new" Columbia with my 94 after seeing so many 80's Columbias (and some in terrific shape too!). Pic from today [/URL]
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    Ready to hit the road

    Very nice! It is going to be a lot of fun!
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    93 Coleman Rio Grande Destiny Door repair help needed

    This may be a wild stab, but I have been searching the web for others who have needed the rubber seal thing that goes into the door track. Apparently it seems like replacement canvas dealers are able to get this stuff, so it is out there. A place like Beaver Creek Canvas sews it in, and they...
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    93 Coleman Rio Grande Destiny Door repair help needed

    Do you mean the rubber part sewn onto the canvas? Or part of the door frame itself? (Your description sounded sort of like the door frame, but I am thinking you may mean the rubber part on the Canvas).