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    Picked up a new Dometic bag awning today for 25 bucks.

    Brand new in the bag but no hardware. Any ideas for framework??
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    Dropped both bunk ends off today to replace "Ceiling" material

    Replacing with Stamoid Light material. Our vinyl canvas is in excellent shape but the white top sections of both bunks ends was dry and cracking, so rather than replace everything I found a local boat canvas fabricator to replace these top sections. Very exciting. They will be ready by the end...
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    This weekend's project

    I'm replacing the tired and ratty looking, sloppily caulked and dented front panel with a single sheet of .025" polished diamond plate on my 98 Coachmen 1270 Clipper. The 3/4" plastic corner bead also covered with sloppy caulk is going to be replaced with 1" angled aluminum stock held in place...
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    Gallon jug of ice in fridge

    The first few times we used our Clipper I noticed it took quite some time for the fridge to cool. Whenever we camp I always freeze gallons of water and throw them in the cooler which helps ice stay (much) longer. So I figured..what if upon initial setup I place a frozen gallon in the fridge...
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    '98 Coachmen Battery Op Lift System issue

    I have the same setup as as this fellow camper: My problem just started happening although I haven't owned the camper long. I can only get the winch to go in one direction. To get the motor to reverse I have to manually swap the middle two...
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    Hello from St Pete Florida

    My name is Alan and my wife and I discovered camping about a year ago. It's become an addiction and we've gone from tent camping to now owning a 1998 Coachmen 1270 Clipper. I've completely updated the interior and we are digging the heck out of it. I've been reading this site for hours at a time...