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    A Chic's Set Up!

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    New Camper

    Thanks.. We found out about the conditions 2yrs ago so it has been a tough road. Just thankful it is something that can be controled with meds and fluids..
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    New Camper

    Thanks.. An you are right got to do what is best.. We had some great memories with the pup and hope to have many more with the new one..
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    New Camper

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    New Camper

    We are going to miss the Pop Up I can tell ya.. We had a couple come look at it yesterday and it is going to be tough selling but we had to do what was best.. Angie and Greg
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    New Camper

    Hey everyone.. It has been awhile since we have been on the portal.. Been alot going on. We have made a few camping trips this year.. An the last trip was Mother's day weekend in a new camper. We decided to upgrade to a small travel trailer due to it is easier with the daughter's medical...
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    NorthBend park (Buggs Island/Kerr Lake) this past weekend.....

    That is the best of both worlds.... Swimming and camping.. Love it.
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    NorthBend park (Buggs Island/Kerr Lake) this past weekend.....

    We were in site 97B.. B is the area my hubby grew up camping in. We have camped in C and D also. Going in Sept and will be in D. I like the fact that they have put in more sites with the power and water..
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    NorthBend park (Buggs Island/Kerr Lake) this past weekend.....

    Thanks.... It was wonderful. As I said just didn't last long enough. Trying to decide when we are going again.
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    NorthBend park (Buggs Island/Kerr Lake) this past weekend.....

    This was a great weekend of camping at Northbend. It was so beautiful. I wish the trip would have last longer. I had to leave the family on Sunday due to having to work Monday. But the hubby and daughter stayed until Monday afternoon. We were able to have a site beside of a close friend of the...
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    Weekend of camping coming up... So excited.

    Looking forward to a relaxing weekend at Northbend Park... Nothing like a weekend get away.
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    greeting from emerald isle

    Hello.. Enjoy the beach.. So looking forward to another camping trip soon.. Angie
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    sunburn itch is driving me insane!

    AfterSun lotion works good. It really helps with the itch.
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    Score at the Thrift Store

    That was a great deal.. I enjoy checking out those stores. I have found alot of great things..
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    Anybody in the Raleigh, NC area?

    Hello from Roanoke Rapids,NC... We camp at North Bend park on Kerr Lake. Great campgrounds. Every time we go we meet someone new and also enjoy all the campers that we already know. My husband grew up camping at North Bend and it is only about an hour from home. Hope to see you sometime...
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    Great weekend for camping.......

    The trip just didn't last long enough... [CP]
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    We're Home...... Perfect Weekend

    Nice picture... Glad you had a great trip. We just got back from our first trip of the year also.. It just didn't last long enough..
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    Wonderful weekend at Kerr Lake, NorthBend park

    Thanks it was wonderful... I am ready to go back.. It didn't last long enough. I was laughing at Greg cause we met a couple that just bought a pop up and are on here. He was telling them about the site and told me I needed to go check ours or he did one cause we haven't been on here in a while...
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    Wonderful weekend at Kerr Lake, NorthBend park

    Duke The beautiful bird I hope the images appear this time...
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    How oftern do you usually go camping.

    Not enough... wish we could go more....