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    Deal Done, Not what you think

    Bill and I got to talking about life after the workday, and I mentioned that my GF andnI are saving for an HW with A/C and other amenities. Well, don't you know, Bill's got a small pop up in his yard. It was bartered to him a few years ado, but he's never registered in in PA. Knowing I wanted to...
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    Potential camping season OVER !

    A few options had been planned, a few bucks stashed away and days off arranged. BUT NOOOOOOOOO Sun 8/4 (16:40) DGF and I went for a bike ride on Sunday afternoon while baked potatoes were cooking. Not 10 minutes from home, we encountered a set of trolley tracks. You guessed it. She failed to...
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    A Job With benefits = practice

    A lucky occasion for me that I work in a great tire shop with a good boss who lets us take care of our own vehicles when slow business allows. On a reimbursed basis, I get to use my Ranger and DGF's sons' utility trailer to move tires between stores. Well it was time for routine maintenance on...
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    Had to do it - Camp Backyard by tent

    While the camper fund continues to grow and prosper, DGF and I just can't get to a PUP this season. As it is, we have the itch to do SOMETHING. Coincidentally, K-Mart was having a tent sale recently. The first round of the sale locally had us purchasing THIS ONE for $79.99. It looked like it was...
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    IT'S COMING to a Home Depot near you!

    It's on the way!!!!
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    SPOTTED: PA Viking (PA xxx-9971)

    see the post here : (Pg 18) Hopefully you're a member. (Note picky viewers, iPhone was mounted on WS bracket. Selected camera mode as easily as answering a phone call. I just waited for the right time to push the button.)
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    8's or 10's Opions PLEASE

    The camper fund is growing nicely, and luckily, DGF & I have too. C/L has been getting a LOT of looks from me for our soon to be NTU pup. It's normally just going to be the two of us, me @ 6'2", her @ 5'10", and both of us between 220 & 230. (Not saying who's what- safety). The thinking process...
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    If'n I buy this.....

    A 1975 Coachman Viking Model V20-D, which by C/L pics looks to be in GREAT shape, though dated. 1) I can WALK to the sale location! Getting it home that way is a whole 'nother story. 2) An asking price of $500 leaves me $700 CASH in hand for new tires, lifter springs and a roof vent, AND more...
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    It was liked in my F/B

    For All you Star Wars aficionados out there: ($$$ was a little steep for me though) DEATH STAR TRENCH TOSS Red Solo Cups in link optional
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    Practice, Practice, Practice and a SPUT

    So my boss had special ordered a LARGE quantity of tires and 50 of them showed up @ work today. No room @ my store. Mgr asks me how many 2456517 GY Fortera tires my Ranger can hold. He wants to split the load between out tow stores. I remember that DGF's sons had dissolved their lawn business...
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    Potential C/L payoff (Corrected)

    I posted a WANTED listing on C/L listing out my NEEDS, WANTS, and DESIRES. Exactly 2 weeks to the day, I got an email reply INCLUDING a pic: I called and I am driving an hour for a look on Fri. While my Want ad had $1000, his price is less :) It's a ~86 Starcraft (Insert member help...
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    Which guidelines to follow

    Using an online trailer weight calculator gave me some pretty discouraging info, & I need to bounce it off the pros here: [RTM] '08 Escape v-6 FWD 4 AUTO Ford Towing Guide Provides: CURB: 3387 GVWR: 4500 (Actual Safety Label) RAWR: 2250 (Actual Safety Label) CGWR: 7080 Max Trailer: 3500 Max...
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    Kamper Kitty w/ promo

    My Name is WTR (Walker Texas Ranger for bow legged) a.k.a Kamper Kitty Kamper Kitty is Ready for spring! All Daddy needs now is a New to Him PuP.
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    MASSIVE PROJECT COLEMAN in New England Was browsing the web this a.m. and stumbled across this one. I even took a few minutes to call DOUG and he said that this one is a DOOZY. It probably needs to be gutted and redone from start, but for $295, WOW!
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    Positive Shopping Experience @ E-trailer

    Just wanted to share a positive shopping experience I enjoyed using a link w/in the portal. DGF's '08 Escape wasn't purchased with a tow package, so I have to "upgrade" it to be capable of our venture into getting a PUP in the not too distant future. Oddly, the Escape does have a dead end...
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    FREE TO ME !!!

    A customer in the auto shop I work at was having her '11 Escape (4cyl) inspected. While in the air, I happened to notice a nice Class III 2"x2" bolted in, and 4 flat converter harness dangling from behind the L/R wheel. Knowing a 4 cyl Escape is not all that powerful for towing, I asked her what...
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    E-Z PASS is the way to go!

    DISCLAIMER: THIS IN NOT AN AD, just good info In the NorthEast, This is the best and fastest way way to use toll roads. The E-Z Pass system is seamlessly "inter-operable" with the Mass toll plate system. The best way to avoid any violations is to have your transponder tied to your TV. If...
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    Time to fill the Piggy bank with paper

    Hershey was AWESOME. Mother Nature could not have been kinder WRT the weather. AMAZING selection of everything BUT Pups [:O] That said, DGF and I did find one that would get into our budget wheelhouse and stay well within her TV's GVWR {EVERYONE's help needed here: Non-tow package equipped '08...
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    DELAWARE Camping is on sale!

    50% Off. Worth considering if it is within your target area. Remember, Delaware is the home of Tax Free Shopping. If a menu board says $2.99 for a burger, you pay $2.99 .
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    Found this TV v. trailer weight calculater As the directions say, plug in as much as you know.