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    My 1st Campout in PA. with my PuP

    Work was slow at my job and Wed. i ask if i could have the next 3 days off to take the wife camping, they said i see no problem with it. so i call the wife and said get thing ready, were going camping in the morning.WooHoo she said. I moved to PA From FL so its my first camping trip with my pup...
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    Help my stove

    My stove puts out a awful black soot when im cooking, pot turns black instantly. Is there a easy fix or just replace it? Thanks for any info.
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    Fridge Fan Mod Help! FL

    Ok i think i've read every post on here about the fan mod and i have a question, i hope someone can help me with. Not only do i want to hook it to DC is it possable for it to run off AC power also when i do have places i can hook to? will the dc charge while hooked on a power source and i wont...
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    collier-seminole state park or koreshan state park ??

    Anyone ever camp at either of these places? got my 1st new to me PU and thinking about a weekend stay close by for a test ride [8D]. Never camped in FL always Drove to Pa and tented. i have no A/C that might be bad down here [:O]but i gotta give it a try. any input and lot #'s ect will be...
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    Awning purchase help

    I have a 2002 Starcraft 2107 i bought used, It didnt come with the bag awning/poles and the peices where the poles go into on the top need replaced, i cant find anything that maches them,the strip it slides into is 9'7" what size awning do i buy? and will it come complete with all parts? What do...