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    Nickerson Park CG - Catskills

    Looking for a family type CG with a rustic sort of feel, for a 2 night stay. Came across this one. Anyone have any experience here? Comments welcomed, and appreciated.
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    Comments on Thompson's Lake SP near Albany, NY?

    Searched the site and found 2 older and brief reviews on this SP. Sounds promising for a 1-2 night stay while passing thru. Any other PUP'ers been there and care to share your thoughts?
  3. J

    Cleaning the canvas

    I think I've read in another post that Simple Green is an ok product to clean the canvas, rather than a bleach product. Can anyone confirm this, or offer alternatives? Thanks in advance.
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    Camp Driveway, suspended due to MANHUNT

    So, I did a solo run in the NTU PUP on Thur nite, everything worked fine, planned to camp out with DW and DD on Fri nite. Well, the Marathon Bomber was on the loose all day Fri, thousands of cops and Feds couldn't find him, and SWAT teams descended on his college campus to search the dorms...
  5. J

    PUP newbie rookie

    Settling down in Camp Driveway, as we speak, for the FIRST TIME EVER! Been waiting 6 months for this day - brought 'er home this afternoon. Feels so awesome to finally become a NTU PUP owner...... G'nite [PU] [PUT] [:)C]