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    Campground Rules? Or really just suggestions to be ignored?

    One of the resort camp ground here on our tri “dogs can NOT bark or you will be asked to leave “ …and it’s a premier park according to Co…2Co.
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    30 Days Western U.S.

    Here now, can’t wait to get home. This trip has been one disaster after another. Check your tires if you think bad or won’t last, change them both. Buy a 5 gallon gas container, check your credit cards, gas stations are now holding up to $175 for deposit, most out west wouldn’t take American...
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    Roadside Assistance

    AAA won’t come to most parts of Arizona, Colorado. I know this bc we just had a flat on my pup, at 1230 night on the side of the road with my two children and two dogs.
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    Campers cancelling reservations

    Exactly, and I tried telling that to my grown children when then they insisted that one of them accompany me on my trip this year. They booked a hotel room for $180. (+taxes and dog fees ($35 rent for each x2, deposit $200)) for two nights. I asked if they at least get a free breakfast. Oh no...
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    Hi from Southcentral PA

    I am in SEPA (by Philly). We're heading out to Sonora Mexico, a week after school ends. My grandson, two very intimidating dogs and myself. Then up to CA, OR, WA, and across the upper states to back home just in time for school starts.
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    Is there 'Free Dispersed Camping' in Northern CA.

    Let's not forget the Corp of Army Engineer lands also the water sheds have free camping.
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    New2me pop up

    I bought a 1994 Coleman Fleetwood destiny cedar pop up. It's new2me; 1st. where the crank goes to lift the top, it's stripped; 2nd the lights don't work; 3rd small holes in the netting; 4th there's no external battery or external propane tank. Hopefully I'll be able to remedy all of these issues...