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    First trip with new trailer

    Heading out tomorrow afternoon with the new trailer. Going to Darlington Provincial Park for the weekend. Feels like its been forever since we were last camping. Have to work in the morning. Can't wait for noon to get here so we can take off. Rob
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    More Snow

    Spent the afternoon in the new trailer, laying on the bed looking forward to the coming camping seaon. Nice sunny day out and the snow is finally almost gone. Look out 3 hours later and see this Rob
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    Going to the really dark side

    After much thought and debate the DW and I have decided it was time to trade in the pup. After looking at hybrids and travel trailers we decided a travel trailer was a better fit. DW was heart broken when I informed her she would not be able to stay a member on PopUpPortal. She didn't want me...
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    Ontario Parks Reservation site

    Hello All My fellow Canadian and American Campers :) Just letting you know that on Friday January 14th & Saturday the 15th you can access their site to set up a new user account (that`s all you can do on those 2 days) On Sunday January 16th you can start booking reservations they say it will be...
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    New TV for me - Yipeeeee

    Santa came early, Hubby ordered me a new TV, he even got it in Red so it will be Christmasy. It arrives in approximately 6 weeks a 2011 Nissan Titan 4x4 I am so spoiled.My hubby is the best. Will take pictures when I receive it click on link below to see what it will look like...
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    camper 1st class

    Woohoo..... I made it to Camper 1st Class [8D] (Hope I put this in the correct Forum) Suzanne [:D]
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    hot water tank and accumulator

    DH spent yesterday installing a water heater and accumulator. Found a used Attwood 6 gallon heater for $75.00. With the accumulator no more pulsing water out of the tap and the noise from the pump is almost gone. Plus the pump doesn't run nearly as often with the tap on...
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    A/C and Toilet mod

    DH was very busy on fathers day. He finished off my potty install and also added a portable A/C unit to keep me cool. Below are links to a few picks.
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    Mobicool 12V Wheeled Cooler, 35L

    has anyone used this 12V cooler/heater and how did you find it.