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    So, what did you do for your camper, October 2013?

    We *emptied* 1 of the LP tanks, around 4 AM. Since it was 37 degrees, I had little choice but to crawl under the bunkend and swap the hose to the full tank. I guess the NEXT thing to do is get one of those dual-feed LP hoses I keep reading about on here.
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    2014 - Fishermen's State Park - Discussion Thread

    Are the hookups at Fisherman's?
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    Does this mean I'm hooked on camping?

    Hey, I'm camping right now too! If you even have to ask the question "am I addicted", then YES, you are. Everything else is window dressing. But I actually enjoy the planning, prepping, and scouting almost as much as the actual camping. (Ok, probably more. Is that bad?)
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    TV ideas

    Hey silverfz, I've got a V6 Dakota with nothing special, a Coleman Niagara that weighs in close to 2k lbs with gear, managed to haul it on a 900 mi. trip this summer with a 5.5 ft bed FULL of our stuff, AND 4 bicycles strapped over the top of everything. I think your Exploder is more than...
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    Really? Rain? This weekend?

    Easy solution; stop checking the weather forecast.
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    Catskill boondocking suggestions

    Thanks, Tex. Maybe we'll get there next summer. Try out Twin Oaks in Schohaire if you like quaint family CGs-we loved it!
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    My baby is now hibernating

    Sorry to hear that - were going camping for the long weekend. I like the storage idea, though - I gotta look around southeast MA for something similar.....
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    Coleman Outside Shelf

    I believe that bracket is for a stowable gas stove which, if your Coleman is anything like my Coleman, can be found stowed in the front cargo box. Of course, maybe you already know this, and actually would prefer a self-built shelf instead. If that's the case, I can't help you re: the...
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    Noobie Owner Question

    Cut up some 2x8 lumber in 12" lengths, set the appropriate # under the low tire to get her level, and - presto! - she's level. (thats low-tech BAL leveled 101)
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    First camper - 2000 Coleman Niagara

    With a "can-do" attitude and a healthy dose of "don't quit!" you'll have plenty of fun, no matter what works, or not. I expect you'll enjoy your '00 as much as we do our '03 - happy camping, from Southcoast MA.
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    2 Campgrounds to stay away from and one we've found to be a gem!

    As they say, "don't drink the water."
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    Twin Oaks in Schoharie NY

    LOL - I'm here right now, reading the review, and agreeing with you 100%. The lakeside sites ARE beautiful, but I'm hoping to get a rallyfield site next time to get that VIEW down the valley. Wow! Larry the owner is a hard-working guy who always finds time to answer questions, say hello, fix...
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    Catskill boondocking suggestions

    @ tex02 : Did you go to Lake Taghanic and, if yes, please report on your experience. It's one of my dozen possible CG's for mid-August and I'm trying to narrow the focus. Thanks!
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    Nickerson Park CG - Catskills

    Looking for a family type CG with a rustic sort of feel, for a 2 night stay. Came across this one. Anyone have any experience here? Comments welcomed, and appreciated.
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    2 Campgrounds to stay away from and one we've found to be a gem!

    Thanks for the intel, CrystalM, from a PuP neighbor on Southcoast. I had considered all 3 at one time or another, but had never stayed at any of them. We'll be sure to try Pinewood, now. The other 2.........not so likely.
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    be more specific

    60 miles south of Boston 30 miles west of The Cape 30 miles east of Providence Just this side of heaven actually
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    Camping near Storyland in NH

    Dry River Campground in on Rt. 302 is about 10-15 min west of Storyland, although Santa's Village may be 30 min or so, Never camped there myself, but have driven by it about 500 times (not exagerating) and have ALWAYS wanted to try it out. There's lots of gentle "hiking" trails nearby for the...
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    Hello from Massachusetts!

    Welcome, from Southcoast MA!
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    Hello from Boston!

    Welcome from Southcoast MA! Horseneck Beach has nothing, except a bath house and a 4-mile beach. (Can't wait to go back!) KOA in Middleboro has everything you need for family fun time. (Just had our 3rd yearly trip.) Normandy Farms in Foxboro is the Cadillac of RV campgrounds. (We're going...
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    AUG 10-13 Perseid meteor shower set to put on a great show

    We'll be camped out at the family farm on Kueka Lake in Penn Yan, NY, in the up-state wine country, a long way away from any city and very dark at night. Promises to be a great show for us! Thanks for the heads-up.