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    Empty Water Heater

    Hi, still new to the camper thing. I thought I had my campers water heater in bypass, but after using it for the third time and squaring it away at home, I noticed a slosh coming from the water heater as I moved about and the stabilizers were not down. The actual plumbing diagram is not in my...
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    Propane Tanks, How big, How many, How long?

    Hello everybody, I briefly checked to make sure this wasn't exactly recently covered, but since I am new to trailer camper and new to the site, I was wondering: propane, what size tanks we got out there? Single or double? How long does it last and how many things do you use it for? I guess usage...
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    A-Frame Hardside Pop-Up; One Foot into The Darkside?

    I guess this is an opinion request -- do tent PUP owners view A-frames as cheating, would one consider it a a little dark... what do the purists believe? What do any A-framers think? Or should both groups get together and pick on Hybrids? [:D] [PU][ALPU] [CF][NEON][CF]