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    Lazy Woman's Shelf Mod For a Tiny Trailer

    I have a 1991 Coleman Newport which is pretty small on the interior, and I've wanted to do the shelf mod for a while. I was at Lowe's and was inspired by what I saw, so I whipped the shelf mod together with stock supplies - no cutting down of anything and it came together very quickly. I saw a...
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    2000 Coleman Westlake - needs front end rebuild - thoughts?

    I'm just going to post the Craigslist link - the story and pics are there. My husband and I are very handy - looking for some forum input...would we be crazy to try to fix this mess?
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    WA - Kalaloch or South Beach Campgrounds

    I'm planning to reserve a couple of nights at either Kalaloch or South Beach Campgrounds and am wondering if there are specific sites that are good for pups or areas that I should avoid. I see that there are no hookups available so that's not a worry; just want to find a good spot for our...
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    I discovered an easy way to freshen up our pup today. I pulled the mattresses and dinette cushions out, laid them in the sun and sprinkled some Arm & Hammer powder carpet deodorizer on them. Let it sit for an hour or so and then vacuumed it up. Fresh as a daisy!
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    Green vs Grey Bear Creek Canvas?

    Hi all! I'm getting ready to order the replacement canvas for my 91 Coleman Newport and even though the tan canvas will last longer, I don't like the looks of it with my trailer. I spoke to Al today at Bear Creek and he reminded me that they have green canvas that's a little lighter than grey...
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    New PUP owners!

    We bought our NTU pup yesterday! We are proud first time owners of a 1991 Coleman Newport. We plan to replace the canvas so don't have any photos of it with the top up but have to show off the results of some elbow grease (and a lot of 30 Second Outdoor Cleaner!) yesterday! Before: After...
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    1991 Coleman Newport $1000?

    We planning to purchase our first PUP, a 1991 Coleman Newport. Checked it out and the canvas needs replacing but structurally everything looks sound. Needs a good cleaning but the cushions, curtains etc all look good, floor is solid, etc (I went through the checklist listed elsewhere at the...