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    Issue with getting upper part of door set properly — 1995 Dutchmen 1003

    Hi there.. hoping there are some other Dutchmen owners of a similar vintage who can share their door stories with me. We bought this camper used a couple years ago and the door has never really seemed to "snap" into place properly when opening the trailer. I think it's an issue with the sheet...
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    Exterior siding damaged by vehicle; looking for suggestions for how to repair.

    Hi all, our camper recently got a hole put into the side of it by a another vehicle's rear-mounted bike box. There are two holes in the side of the camper, one quite small and one a bit larger. I'd like to repair this myself. I'm not concerned with making it look perfect or even the same as it...
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    Need advice on replacing cable in Dutchmen 1003 (~1997 model)

    Hey guys, I need a new calbe in my pop up. I don't think it's frayed or anything but it's fully stretched and I can no longer adjust the pulley forwards to prevent the rear of the roof opening higher than the front. I have the new cable and I thought I would replace it today. However, I just...
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    Dutchmen Goshen bent lift post brackets

    Hi there, we have a 1997 Dutchmen 1003 with three of the lift post brackets are bent. Not sure exactly what to call them but these are the connection points at the top of the lift post where it bolts into the side of the roof. Can I bend these back into shape? Or do I need a new lift post...
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    Dometic 2193 Fridge not cooling on propane

    Hey all, the fridge in our PUP is acting up. It works great on 120v and 12v. Switching over to LP and it just doesn’t cool at all. In fact it almost feels warm in there. The burner has no problem lighting and stays lit. It’s a nice blue flame even at low setting. the stack/chimney cowl gets...
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    Just bought a 1995 Dutchmen 1002 and I have some questions

    Hey all, first time poster, long time lurker.. Just got a fairly good deal on a 1995 Dutchmen 1002. Everything is in great shape including roof, floors, beds, fridge, stove, etc. Couple issues we were aware of before we bought it: door doesn't shut properly due to bent hinge, canvas and awning...