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  1. Rover76

    More of an accessory really

    Ok. So I have been on the hunt for one of these since I saw it in the brochure I got with my camper. It is a 2003 Coleman Santa Fe. I found it on Ebay. Probably paid too much for it, but I had to have it.
  2. Rover76

    1st trip of the year 2nd overall 2003 Coleman Sant Fe

    Finally got out this year. Had a few cancelled trips due to work, covid, school plays etc. Here it is in all its glory in Bodega Bay this last weekend. Down the street from the church in the movie The Birds.
  3. Rover76

    Best Mattress Replacements?

    Here we go again. Looking for advice and experiences with mattress replacements for a PUP. The original 18 year old disintegrating, once made of foam bricks I slept on last weekend have to go! I have read article after article. What to do? Topper? Memory foam? Big topper to replace the...
  4. Rover76

    Advice on heaters...

    Oh boy, I've done it now! I know this has been discussed until the propane has run out, the batteries are dead and we are all frozen! Looking for ideas and experiences with installing a heater in PUP that never had one in the first place. Leaning towards a Camco Wave 3 or 6. Seems like a...
  5. Rover76

    New Owner in SF Bay area, CA

    Hi all, New owner of a 2003 Coleman Santa Fe. I am new to PUPs, but not campers, trailers, fifth-wheels or motorhomes. I grew up camping in a trailer or motorhome of some kind. My parent's once bought a motorhome from Johnny Mathis. That is my Mom's favorite story to tell. I have owned it...