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    Shaking a propane refrigerator (or not)

    Sorry if this post sounds a little flaky but We have an old (85) starcraft galaxy that has a small propane refrigerator that does not work. I was told that sometimes the problem is that an orifice gets blocked and you can make them start working again my removing it turning it upside down and...
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    Caulking after painting

    I am fixing to paint my old camper and have decided that the best way to do it is to mask off a panel at a time. I have noticed that there is a black gook at the edges of every panel which I assume is some kind of caulk or putty. I would like to scrape this stuff off, clean the residue with...
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    Paint codes

    I have a 1985 Starcraft Galaxy that I would like to dress up by repainting the original colors. Does anyone know where I can find the original paint codes so that I can get some paint mixed up?
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    Awning Cant Take the Breeze

    I have an 85 Starcraft Galaxy and it has the original awning. I have problems with it coming unfastened at highway speeds since it does not have a bag cover. Does anyone know of a way to containt it (bag, etc. I am not sure how I could attach a back since the awning is in the "c" channel...