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    Fauct replacement with a higher faucet for dishpan filling

    We have a regular pop up, can we replace our sink faucet with a higher model, I think it would fold OK, as there is plenty of room between the faucet and the floor when we fold down the camper but at parks without the sinks for doing dishes, it sure would make filling my dish pans easier.
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    Do you have problems with mice etc getting in when slide is out?

    Our Rockwood has a slide out dinette and there are some openings along the bottom area of the slide, we have gotten some tree frogs in one time when camped in a swampy area, but am more worried about baby raccoons, mice, or snakes, is there a way to block the openings, they just have some...
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    Myakka River State Park

    [PU] Has anyone camped at this park. We are in campsite 86 looks like a newer area. Any suggestions for sightseeing in this area. Thanks.