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    Questions about Hot water tank and Water Pump

    Still trying to familiarize ourselves with our NTU 2001 Coleman Westlake and I'm still confused about a few things in regards to the hot water tank and electric water pump. I've got the owners manual and I've been reading it over and over but I'm new to this and don't want to cause damage to the...
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    Leaking problems with Thetford C4 toilet in our 2001 Coleman Westlake.

    We're having problems with a leak in our Thetford C4 toilet. I'm finding water/urine pooling on top of the tank instead of it all draining directly into the tank. I figure the problem has to do with a seal between the toilet bowl and the tank because I filled the toilet bowl with about 2 cups of...
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    SK - Murray Doell Campground in Meadow Lake Provincial Park

    My family and I just got back from staying at the Murray Doell campground in the Meadow Lake Provincial Park. We absolutely loved it. It is clean, quiet, well maintained, and the scenery (lake and forest) is awesome. It's located in a Provincial Park so the campground itself is very well taken...
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    Coleman Lift System Repair Manual

    My husband and I recently purchased a new-to-us 2001 Coleman Westlake. We took it out for a long weekend and had no problems raising or lowering the roof. We got back home and tried to raise the roof to empty and clean the trailer but it's suddenly giving us problems. I've downloaded and...