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    Where do I get a new limit switch, and can I install it myself?

    Looks like our limit switch broke and I can't seem to figure out a part number or where to get one. We have a 2012 Jayco model 1207 with electric lift system. Anyone know where I can get one? Also, is that something we can install or do we need to know how to adjust a setting or placement of it...
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    Do you leave battery disconnected when camper is not in use?

    I feel like I saw a thread on this site about proper battery maintenance and now I can't find it. Doh! Do you leave the battery disconnected when not using the camper? Do you periodically put a trickle charger on it, or at least check the voltage level occasionally? Any other maintenance tips?
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    How/where do we lubricate a Jayco electric lift system?

    Short version: I tried searching this forum and googling it but can't seem to figure out what the proper lubrication method is. We have a 2012 Jayco model 1207. Long version: For anyone who happens to remember my previous thread, our lift system wasn't working (very jerky, would somewhat work...
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    Recommendations for replacing sink faucet

    Recently bought a 2012 Jayco model 1207. The sink faucet has hot and cold handles and a very short neck. We'd like to replace it with a faucet with a somewhat longer neck and lever handles instead of knobs. Is it ok to use a standard small sink faucet like from Home Depot (as long as it's not...
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    Battery recommendations for off grid with electric lift

    It appears we need a new deep cycle battery for our camper. It's a 2012 Jayco model 1207 that we recently bought, with an electric lift. We will be going on a trip next month: 3 nights with no hooks ups. We'll need to be able to use the electric lift (though we can use a drill to manually do it...
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    Gas to drop in cook top?

    Hi all. We recently bought a 2012 Jayco model 1207 and just returned from our first trip with it. The cook top is a Suburban 2 burner drop in, model SDN2, I believe. It connects with a quick-connect since it can also mount on the exterior wall. I tried to hook it up and use it and the first...
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    Hi from Colorado!

    Hello, new here, just posted my first question in the Lift System section due to a problem we're having. We are a family of 5 and recently bought our first pup, a 2012 Jayco 1207. I grew up with a more primitive pup (1980s Palomino) so all these new amenities on modern pups will require some...
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    Jayco electric lift problem

    Hi all, new here and hoping someone can help diagnose our problem. Sorry for the long post but wanted to try to give all pertinent info. We recently bought a 2012 Jayco model 1207. It has an electric lift system including a remote fob and interior buttons to actuate the system, and an ac...

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