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  1. Arruba

    Old People with semi-old pop up!!

    Welcome from Central Oregon. Land of at least one semi old guy with an old trailer.
  2. Arruba

    Our first time camping in our 72' Bethany

    That’s not just a nice trailer, that’s a time capsule. Good luck with it.
  3. Arruba

    Camping Kitchens! Let’s see ‘em!

    I think it’s a nice experience for kids too. Trust me, the growing up part will happen soon enough. Maybe too soon In the end…. Good Luck….
  4. Arruba

    Courtney Lake camping

    Nice collection of photos as always. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Arruba

    Do you ever feel like a 2nd class citizen in a PUP?

    I’ve only experienced the stink eye twice. Once I kinda had it coming, I broke a lift cable on the front that caused the turn buckle on the other cable to spread. End result was the front was propped up with some scrounged lumber. It’s worth noting I was not in a campground but pulled off...
  6. Arruba

    Everything else so expensive

    I vote DYI in a cargo trailer too if your handy. Though brand new, cargo trailers aren’t cheap either, at least around here. Every now and then I check in on the Cheap RV Living YouTube channel. A review or two on there of trailer conversions the owners thought that for the materials and time...
  7. Arruba

    Camped at Skyview at Manning Park

    Manning is a nice park for sure. I’ve seen it from the “other” end, or south end from the Pasayten Wilderness in Washington State as well as from Hwy 3, (1?). Of course IMO, British Columbia as a whole is very nice to down right spectacular. I’ve wanted to tour through that part of the world...
  8. Arruba

    Thanks for excepting me.

    Welcome from Central Oregon.
  9. Arruba

    Ordering Camping Stuff

    “Those days?” Heck, that was just last month here at Arruba Central! Reason #1 is although not being prepared in my recently ended professional life was grounds for reprimand, I never have fully gotten my personal life stuff together and #2 is I’m not big on online shopping. I’m more of a see...
  10. Arruba

    Please help. Large gap in roof end caps when closed

    While I think I can visualize what you describe, a couple photos will help. This Forum is a little obsessed with seeing photos of everything and anything [LOL][LOL]. A photo or two will certainly attract information and opinions from those will more first hand of Fleetwoods than myself. Good luck.
  11. Arruba

    Coleman Stove issue

    The following is a link to one of the gateways to the Coleman Cult, there are many more: This was a useful place when I was looking for repair info and part source when I was having problems with one of my lanterns.
  12. Arruba

    Bearing issue

    The following is courtesy Triton Trailers, it’s a Dexter Maintenance guide. Maybe it will help:
  13. Arruba

    Inner seal let go

    I’m with XXXApache on this one. It’s not the same as possibly running a gear box dry. Good luck.
  14. Arruba

    Hi from Coon Rapids, MN, first time posting

    Welcome from Central Oregon.
  15. Arruba

    Greetings from STL area!

    Well welcome from Central Oregon!
  16. Arruba

    Bearing issue

    The best way is to buy a torque wrench and set the castle nut to the mfg torque specs. Harbor Freight was them. Absent that, the above works. The key is the no wiggle or slop part. Remember to pull it around the block a few times then check for slop again before heading off for parts unknown.
  17. Arruba

    Battery didn't last one night. Help

    Short answer is yes, of course how well or long is sunlight dependent. I’m also assuming you bought a “kit” that included a controller with it. Some of the charger kits come with a controller attached to the panel. Either way as long as you have the controller then basically plug and play. If...
  18. Arruba

    Battery didn't last one night. Help

    The only thing I can add is did/do you charge or are maintaining the battery with the converter? If so it may not be doing what you think it is. My first guess would be the aforementioned fridge or another not obvious draw too, but converters can be kinda silent killers of 12v systems. Best of...
  19. Arruba

    Need Your Prayers/Good Thoughts

    Prayer said and sent as requested. May your sister have a simple and speedy recovery. All the best you and your family.
  20. Arruba

    Repair rotted wood inside edge of top

    I’d be surprised if the rivets are actually holding the wood on. I‘d guess that rivet in the photo is holding that piece to maybe outside trim or Lilly some framework sandwiching the wood. Unless there is something fancy or highly technical going on, you could likely re-rivet with pop rivets...