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  1. Miller

    NH - Greenfield State Park

    August 2018 Greenfield State Park NH With my wife, 2 boys 1st & 3rd graders, and our dog Jezebel •Site 226 •Beautiful •Quiet •Friendly •Close to town for supplies •Large flat and still nicely buffered sites for privacy •hiking •swimming •biking •good showers and bathrooms, well kept during...
  2. Miller

    Saturday Morning Finds, what did you find?

    I scored this 1956 Craftsman Wet Grinder for $10 all original, maybe even the drive belt. It works great! Runs smooth and sharpens and shapes easily. My pup is parked next to it to the right
  3. Miller

    Vin number location

    Have a look under at the axle, center or near one of the wheels. There are members that own and camp Montgomery Wards that will be able to help surely. A member Haybale is very helpful, he is probably out camping in his now
  4. Miller

    Pup obsevations while on the road

    The Saturday morning we departed from Mohawk State Forest, two fifth wheel, very large and long buggers, drove in about an hour apart from each other. Each backed into spots barely large enough for our pup, parked there trucks in front of their sites, half in half in the roadway. Yes each of...
  5. Miller

    Mohawk trail state campground

    We just returned yesterday from seven nights at sites 52 & 53. Chef9375 said it! The site maps when reserving are very deceptive...the bathrooms/dishwashing building is right on top of the sites, and the lights, they never go out! You can see how close the bathroom is to site 52/53 where we are...
  6. Miller

    Post camping trip pup rituals?

    Airing out / Drying out, we find helps, we camp five days at a time usually, but always camp with our dog Abbie and our two boys. We camp a 21 year old camper with original canvas that deserves all the dry, breezy air we can give her LOL! We enjoy the campfire, firewood smell gets in the PUP...
  7. Miller

    Home and drying out in the driveway

    Home and drying out in the driveway
  8. Miller

    Post camping trip pup rituals?

    Rather than create a new thread, I found this old one to revive that asks and provides the basic discussion I wanted to put out to the Portal members... Here we are, home after 7 nights on The Cold River at Mohawk State Forest in Western MA. We will air and sweep and wipe down, dry out and...
  9. Miller

    New Popup Owner

    Hi Scott33 You will find a subcategory for each of your specific problems, and you may/probably/more than likely read thru a thread or two and find the answer or solution you need. That's one of the best parts about the portal... somebody's been there done that. LOL The roof issue you have...
  10. Miller

    New Popup Owner

    Welcome to the Portal from CT and happy adventures!! We are on our last day/night here in Mohawk State Forest on the Cold River in Western MA!! Enjoy your Dutch!! I had a '95 Dutchman years ago. Plenty of help available here for any and all your questions!! You've found the right place!
  11. Miller

    POLL / PETS do you camp with or without them

    We have only our Abbie now, we lost her sister Copper just before this trip we are currently on. Mohawk State Forest, on The Cold River. Our girl(s) have always camped with us, even before our DS's and the Cheyenne and we just had my two man pack tent for backpacking...Abbie was with us! She...
  12. Miller

    Time to sell our camper? Maybe we are not ready for this...

    JCREW6311 Great job!! I am glad to read your post(#45), and that camping and popups have remained, experiences and preparing have improved, as well as personal goals and expectations may change and vary each trip...YOU UPGRADED!! My two cents, a dad with two DS's 5 & 7 now, and we are...
  13. Miller

    Pup obsevations while on the road

    Counting us in our Cheyenne, there are presently six PUPs in our loop here at Mohawk State Forest in W.Ma. We have been here since Saturday, and the number of PUPS has remained constant, with more here over the past weekend. Someone here has a rental PUP!! A Jayco Flight series. I have seen...
  14. Miller

    Curious about your tow speed

    On the highways I like to set cruise control at 67/68, 5th gear, center or right lane. I don't always like to drive the highways but they are unavoidable at times for one reason or another.
  15. Miller

    Third day in at Mohawk State Forest, W.Ma.

    Third day in at Mohawk State Forest, W.Ma.
  16. Miller

    Who here has a vintage pop up?

    Hello maybe have a look on the axle and or the frame near the axle and wheels for that serial number... I don't count ours as vintage, a '96 Cheyenne Coleman however it's in better condition now than when we picked her up and we love camping!!
  17. Miller

    floor replacement

    Hi! Remove the linoleum, all that you can and need to anyway before any new flooring. You will want to see what's underneath just for piece of rot/soft spots the like etc... Cut it away from your interior pieces that you don't want to remove and then add your choice of floor in and...
  18. Miller

    Leave No Trace Program

    AdirondackPup! I was up at PSC, 1999-2001!! Forestry/Outdoor Rec Great to see another that was / is or from within the blue line!!
  19. Miller

    Leave No Trace Program

  20. Miller

    Five days from camping...the countdown is getting exciting now!!

    Five days from camping...the countdown is getting exciting now!!