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  1. durhamcamper

    Camper shortage

    The question I have is "where are all these new camper owners camping?". Last year here in Ontario the Provincial parks were completely jammed. All season long. Parks that are usually 1/2 full mid-week were full every day. This year is a gong show as well. I've tried numerous times and just...
  2. durhamcamper

    Rockwood Premier tent "shepherds crook" poles hard to engage

    Have you attached the walls to the underside of the bunks before inserting the shepherd's poles? If so, this will make it difficult as the material will be tight
  3. durhamcamper

    anyone know much about Grand River campers? (Canada)

    No bed supports on the photos and no cables to support the beds on inside photos. The beds appear to be drooping from outer photos. Something's not right IMO
  4. durhamcamper

    Brake controller recommendations

    I had a Prodigy P2 on my previous truck and was very happy with it.
  5. durhamcamper

    Roof seal

    Good luck. Hope it works for you. But..... Flex seal etc are gimmicks, not long term solutions or repairs.
  6. durhamcamper

    Tire Blowout Causes?

    This is something that I have often wondered about. Lots of info about bias ply vs radials for trailering and I see good and bad in either choice. My trailer came from the factory with bias ply so I stick with bias ply. I even replace them with the same brand of tire. (Fleetwood/Coleman came...
  7. durhamcamper

    2020 Ontario Summer Rally ..

    FWIW......I used the new website to book Fathers Day camping and also was not impressed. As stated in some posts here, site dimensions and distance from electrical no longer available. Photos of sites not as revealing as previous version. And it appears that just booking a site requires more...
  8. durhamcamper

    Roof Sealer AKA Roof Magic ?

    That was my first thought. Gimmick products always have the word Magic, Miracle etc. Just because is says 'RV' people assume it's a good product. There are a lot of these products available for every purpose. I am a firm believer in dealing with suppliers from whatever industry is related to the...
  9. durhamcamper

    New/ Looking for our first camper!

    Click on the link I will see the price. Then consider another $50 or so to have them installed at a spring shop.
  10. durhamcamper

    New/ Looking for our first camper!

    I used Timbren Suspension upgrade on my Hyundai Entourage which is pretty much the same vehicle as your Sedona. I was very happy with this mod.
  11. durhamcamper

    New/ Looking for our first camper!

    Welcome to the portal. As far as weight goes, your van has a tow rating of 3500 lbs. You might want to reconsider your choices of your 'wish list'. The Starcraft you mentioned has a GVWR of 3750 lbs.....and you haven't even taken into consideration your gear/supplys, or the passengers in the...
  12. durhamcamper

    Weight distribution hitch

    Also, hoping he has working electric brakes on the trailer otherwise definitely overweight
  13. durhamcamper

    Weight distribution hitch

    So you are comfortable about your absolute knowledge that no damage could or will occur to the c channel frame of this poster's pup from the force exerted using weight distribution? Wow. Great advice! Snow and I have both seen a c channel frame absolutely bent skyward by doing exactly what you...
  14. durhamcamper

    In or out - What's your style ?

    Let me start out by saying that there is no right or wrong answer.....It's just a difference of what makes things work. So here is where I am coming from.... We made the jump from tent camping to a pup about 12 years ago. I blame it on a neighbor. We were quite happy in a tent actually, but...
  15. durhamcamper

    Max Rise Safety Concerns?

    Will you be able to open your tailgate with a hitch rise that high?
  16. durhamcamper

    Changing GM brake lines

    Good post to let people know. I replaced a couple of my lines 2 years ago as per the suggestion of a mechanic. Glad I did because I was heading to Vermont camping and I shudder to think what may have happened if a line let go while I was in the Green Mountains.
  17. durhamcamper

    What Time Do You Leave?

    Quite often weather will dictate how soon we leave. Provincial parks have a check out/check in time of 2pm so if the weather is great we will drag it out until 1:30 or so. If we had rain overnight we try to dry out the pup before closing it down. If, however we wake in the morning and we are dry...
  18. durhamcamper

    Velcro strips under the bunk end

    Maybe paint/seal the wood under the bunk ends before glue as well so that there is better adhesion.
  19. durhamcamper

    window leaking

    The more I hear about A-Frame issues, the less inclined I am to consider changing from a pup. I know I am getting tired of canvas/rain issues but...