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  1. Wrenchgear

    Rainy Weekend??

    I feel your pain! We just came back from 8 days at our favorite park 6 hours away, booked in March of this year. 6 days of rain, 1 day of sun, 1 day of blah. 6 degree C nights, 10-14 degree C days. Was pretty crappy overall. They say, 'Don't complain, Camp in the rain'. Well, I was starting to...
  2. Wrenchgear

    PSA: popupportal is for pop up campers

    Look man.... I've given you crap about your TT on here and in person, and that never bothered you before. Tell you what I'm gonna time we get together at BW, I'll let you buy me the big burger and an order of poutine and we'll call it even. How's that?
  3. Wrenchgear

    Time to change where and when i camp

    Same here. Our favorite campsite is 6 hours away. Actually going there tomorrow (for 10 days), Score!!
  4. Wrenchgear

    I just came across this "You Won't Believe Californians New Rule for RV's & Large Trucks"

    If I was in a Class C and was just over the 14,000 LBS, I'd be doing whatever I could to get it under weight. Put some aluminum rims on it, change those Lazy-Boy chairs out for something cheaper and lighter, get rid of a propane tank, whatever it takes, get it under weight.
  5. Wrenchgear

    Adding a battery to a 1999 Viking 2107

    So yes, #10 is fine for everything, #6 is way over kill, and if you're fusing at 30 amps anyway, there's no point of going thicker than #10. As for your test light issue, it makes no sense. You must be having a bad connection at the terminal to frame, or alligator to terminal, or right at the...
  6. Wrenchgear

    Pop Up battery lost charge

    So, just a few things on the math and number of AH in a batt. It's all fine and dandy if the batt is in good shape. If its old and half way on its way out, has lots of crap on the plates, and a build up of junk in the bottom of the cells, the math won't work. As for doing the whole solar...
  7. Wrenchgear

    Pop Up battery lost charge

    Love that storage compartment on the front!
  8. Wrenchgear

    Pop Up battery lost charge

    I just got 2 weeks out of my batt before the low batt alarm came on for the propane leak detector. Batts don't last that long if you don't do a few things to help them out. First, don't ever run the fridge on 12v if you're not plugged into a running vehicle. That fridge will wipe the batt out in...
  9. Wrenchgear

    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    Saying a Pup is a great starting point doesn't fly with me, it's the ending point for us. Money is not really a concern for a trailer. Yes I like that it was cheaper than a big one, but I could buy a big TT or 5er if I wanted one. I truly don't want one. People also say, and even in this thread...
  10. Wrenchgear

    Right blinker and brake light not working

    The great majority of the time, problems with lights comes down to.... 1) the connection at the TV 2) bad bulb and or socket The connection at the TV gets so much wear and tear in it from constantly being plugged in and plugged out, that those contacts get worn and bent in both connectors...
  11. Wrenchgear

    Pre Planning 2023 Ontario Summer Rally.

    Same as I write every year, it doesn't really matter where it is, I'll go if work scheds don't get in the way. This year was the worst yet for work getting in the way, (and for attendance), but we did make it for 1 day. I couldn't go without getting my annual fix of Fin the Doggo.
  12. Wrenchgear

    Hi from Ontario, Canada

    Hi there and welcome to the Portal from the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Lots of great info to be had here. Where approx are you from?
  13. Wrenchgear

    new member from canada

    Ok, so 15 mins north is where I am as well. I usually say K-W, because people in Ottawa or Sudbury probably don't know where St.Jacobs is, lol. We are soon heading out to the Pembroke area for camping. Thats about 6 hrs one way, but yes, we do have a lot of camping within 2 hrs of here.
  14. Wrenchgear

    new member from canada

    Welcome to the Portal from the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Where are you approx located? I was recently helping a guy do some stuff on a 2021 Tesla model 3. He loves it. When asked about the amount of torque/power it has, all he said was that it's incredibly strong. I'm still not sold on EV at this...
  15. Wrenchgear

    2022 Ontario Summer Rally

    I guess the 2022 Rally has come and gone. ccptbo hosted the afternoon of the 2nd, and all was great. Snacks, drinks and lively conversation were the themes of the day. T and T were there with their kiddos, we were there, and a bunch of ccptbo's gang (plus doggo Fin) were there to make for a...
  16. Wrenchgear

    Hardtop care

    I don't do anything more than just washing the top, and once a year, rub some car wax on it. Mine seems to be holding up good. Its a 2002. As far as your cables, it sounds like you have a goshen system. Not much to do with them. I pump about a quarter tube of general purpose grease in both...
  17. Wrenchgear

    Everything reeks of dryer sheets

    Keep the mice out in the first place. As I have said many times before, seal up all entry points and you don’t have to worry. Quite a few years ago, on a warm sunny day, I laid underneath the Pup with a caulking gun of silicone and a bright light. I spent an hour under there looking at every...
  18. Wrenchgear

    pine sap on vinyl

    Yup, hand sanitizer is what I use.
  19. Wrenchgear

    Lemme do this again, its been a good hot minute

    Welcome back. Good luck with all that you want to do to get the Pup back into shape. Grandpa Don, .... Not to say that we up here in the north always have worse gas prices than you guys, but we do. We are at $2,12 per liter today, (a liter is about the size of a quart). So multiply that by...
  20. Wrenchgear

    Cup Wrench Frustrations

    Same here, I have always used the metal band wrenches. A guy gave me a cup filter wrench once, and it sits there with my metal bands, not fitting anything I've ever owned. Aaaaand .... you're old (fashioned).