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  1. Karey


    We have a Chalet Aframe and love it. It has bunk beds on one end which is where we sleep (there's just the 2 of us). The table end can remain as the table. I bought shoe shelves that line the far end behind the table and those shelves hold our clothes and other stuff. I have a permanent wire...
  2. Karey

    propane firepits

    Sorry Andrea, but it doesn't show up in your post. I realize you are out camping now.
  3. Karey

    propane firepits

    I have one like this. It won't go into the stove, but maybe the stove cord will go into it.
  4. Karey

    September 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    Looks like we're done camping for the year, unless we decide to go south to AZ this winter. Thought we'd do that last winter, but didn't, so will we this year? We'll see. I drained all the water and heater and toilet and cleaned everything. Should do the sheets and blankets ... Leaving town for...
  5. Karey

    propane firepits

    This is off subject but your post reminded me . . . I got a 1 gallon tank after you talked of it somewhere else, but I bought the wrong 'cord'. It's missing a little center piece that all stoves have/need. Was disappointed last camp trip. Now back to the research. Maybe you have a handy link to...
  6. Karey

    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    I know this in reality. AND where we live the bears know how to open vehicles. It's actually better to not lock our truck sitting out at home, or there'd be more damage. A bear swiped the handle and checked out the inside for any goodies. People with car seats have the worst damage! Ripped...
  7. Karey

    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    We chose half way between the pup vs TT - an Aframe. DH wanted less wind resistance, so when down it looks like a pup when pulling. We can stop and set up without unhooking from the truck for quick overnights when need be. Hard shell so bear proof. No rain getting in. Quick up and down. And...
  8. Karey

    What is camping.. Pictures ONLY!

    Big Creek Lakes, Colorado
  9. Karey

    Jayco electric lift problem

    My son looked at, under the trailer when we were camping last weekend (we disconnect the lift bars when not driving and manually lift) and listened as I did the lift switch. He says its the 'gear box' and not the motor, nor the batteries (our batteries are relatively new).
  10. Karey

    At what level of high wind warning do you collapse your a frame?

    We've been in very high winds in Wyoming. Learned to aim the Aframe a certain way so upper roof won't catch the wind, and not be broadside as well - that didn't feel as safe. The wind caught the roof when setting up on our first attempt when we learned a lot! The bungee cords of the Chalet...
  11. Karey

    Chalet appears to be out of business

    We have that same Chalet, year and all. We LOVE it!
  12. Karey

    For those campers who log their trips and site numbers :)

    We tent camped for years, and no log/records other than typical photos in photo albums. Now with an Aframe I started a Camping Journal on my iPad Pro with the app Notability. No need for wifi. Early mornings while drinking my coffee I start the new site journal. I take photos with my iPad of...
  13. Karey

    Parking Lot Camping

    We live where there's forest fires. I keep our Aliner pretty ready to go and a few garage shelves with everything else we need to grab - including Jackery and solar panels. Computer bag close to where I sit with computer. I need to look at an evacuation list I stored to see what else I'm not...
  14. Karey

    Parking Lot Camping

    We partly bought our aframe with the idea of avoiding hotel/motels. We can stay connected to the truck, so instantly in to sleep (use bathroom, stove, sink ... whatever). Out west there's so much more open spaces so would just pull off a bit, rather than look for rest stops or store parking...
  15. Karey

    ??? Campground Theft, How Often ???

    I've thought and read about theft posibillities. We mostly boondock. I have cord locks each connecting a battery and propane tank together. I do put an Amazon lock (different from pictured one) on the tongue. We also have an extremely heavy duty chain and lock that goes thru a tire. I don't...
  16. Karey

    What food item has unexpectedly become a camping staple for you?

    When out for several days now we take our 14" Camp Chef pizza oven. Yes, it does way more than pizza! I've tried lots of stuff to test it. We like to cook and eat well when camping. It'll cook toast, cinnamon buns, hot dogs and burritos nicely. Made brownies and cookies and biscuits and even a...
  17. Karey

    New Jackery

    I love our Jackery 1000 and use 2 100watt solar panels to recharge it. We've used it when house looses power - lights, recharge stuff... Same in camper and sometimes cook with my instant pot, water boiler pot for frenchpress coffee, chaffle maker... We mostly boondock.
  18. Karey

    Eight weeks on the road

    Keep on posting and I'm going to keep checking back. Love your photos, details and descriptions of everything.
  19. Karey

    Mattress replacement

    We find air mattresses take on the air temperature. So if chilly, then it's chilly below us and we get chilled, and vice-versa. The pin-holes have been addressed.
  20. Karey

    July 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    Passing up camp trips due to stuff coming up, not just gas prices. Still need to fix our lift on our Chalet Aframe. I blame it on a camp trip in May - very, VERY windy Wyoming weekend, and dusty. It still makes a noise like a car altinator trying to work. Gotta clean battery terminals for one...

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