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    What food item has unexpectedly become a camping staple for you?

    I camp with a group and our breakfast person wanted help with breakfast. I looked over the ingredients and said we have all the fixings for frittata. So now BOTH camping groups we camp with like a frittata for breakfast one morning of the weekend
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    Tell me about your wheel chocks

    How do I add information about type of pop up and TV I have to my signature line?
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    Camp Site lighting

    I have—but you may need to take them out and move them to a sunny place during the day. We use them to mark guidelines and biffy entrance
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    Where do you store your clothes?

    I pack my clothes in a collapsible mesh laundry basket. A bar lock tie is attached to a roof frame and a hanging shelf that has side pockets is hung from that. It basically hangs over the back portion of our u-shaped couch/dinette. I put the clothes away in that and use the,now empty, mesh...
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    What do you wish you had?

    Funny you should say this—looking at going to the dark side (want my own bathroom!) and those are 3 of the things that stand out
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    No kitchen? No problem!

    I love my setup!! I never cook inside because I don’t want the smell of food imbedded in the inside. Here is my setup—notice the matching tablecloth and rug!;) I cook full meals—not just hamburgers and hot dogs. Have a shelf system that allows me to bring dishes, pans glasses and silverware...
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    Camper shortage

    Went looking at TT this past weekend at a dealer. He said if we find something that we like at ANY dealer—buy it. He said they are 60 days from not getting anything else in due to shortages. Good time to sell a used trailer
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    Hello From Florida

    Hello from a fellow Floridian! Do you have AC?
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    Toilet Enclosure - Outside Shower Tent

    But when you are using the shower tent, what do you do with the gray water. You seem pretty ingenious, so really interested in any ideas you have.
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    Unused reserved spots

    Well since ALL you other states come down here October-March and that is the only decent camping time in Florida, you have to reserve ONE YEAR ahead of time. That means I have to reserve before I even know if I can travel. But I do cancel because it’s the CONSIDERATE thing to do. Seems like...
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    Looking at first popup tomorrow

    Actually that is not a horrible price if it has an air conditioning unit. Check out the Pop Up Princess site. There are some great suggestions and checklists. We just came back from a weekend of fun!
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    Camping with a hybrid on a "tent" site

    Definitely call ahead. We own a pop-up now because our camping buddies all own tents and because most places will allow us in tent sites. However a couple of parks would only allow us at CERTAIN tent sites. I agree—not a big fan of the RV areas all right next to each other with no privacy!
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    Power draw of insulin pump?

    Wouldn’t something similar to/or a HALO be good to have?
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    Do you use the pre-installed stovetop, or do you cook inside at all?

    Only cook outside. I don’t like the smell of past meals when I sleep. My stove is a removable type that can be mounted outside. I am the type that cooks outdoors even when I am home, if I feel the meal will leave lingering odor.
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    Do you prefer "on top or on bottom"? :)

    Mats underneath the mattress and memory foam topper on top. I am like the princess and the pea—gotta have a soft fluffy bed!
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    My wife destroyed the counter top this weekend

    Take a look at the Pop up princess (google it). Some beautiful reno’s there and ideas and instructions on how to do it!
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    Pvc ice packs

    We swear by these

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