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    HELP.. all 4 of my lift arms and cables are broke

    My advice is if you don't know what you are doing then it is best to leave it up to the professionals. It may cost less in the long run.
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    Disabled access sites

    Where I camp - if all that is left is a handicapped accessible site then it is ok to book. Handicapped accessible does not always mean handicapped reserved.
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    To POPUP In FLorida Or NOT???

    I camped in FL the week of July Forth. Two words of wisdom - shade & AC. As long as you meet those two requirements you will be fine.
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    Who uses trailer showers over the campground facilities?

    I never looked at it as schlepping to the bathhouse. I've always looked at it as walking to the bathhouse with a smile knowing there is one less thing I have to deal with when I pack up to hit the road.
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    Regretably named places

    Cumming GA
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    Torn between a "regular" POp up and an A-Frame

    Re: Torn between a "regular" POp up and an A-Frame My opinion: If it was only my significant other and I camping then I would go with A frame. But, since my two kids camp with us I went with the pop up. There is so much more room in a pop up unless you get one of those tiny 8...
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    Still searching for my first PUP… bin vs. box size

    Go for the larger interior. Storage box is a waste of space. It seems like some people here over pack and need the storage. I chose 12 foot box over 10 foot box with trunk and have never regretted it. Plus it sounds like you like the 10 footer anyway unless you plan on storing wife or kids in...
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    New idea for carrying a boat

    If you have storage room and a way to transport it then go with a hard shell boat. If you do not then go with a quality inflatable. And when it comes to inflatables you get what you pay for.
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    New idea for carrying a boat

    I researched inflatable boats to death and ended up purchasing a sea eagle fasttrack kayak. Inflates easily with foot pump. Pricy but you get what you pay for.
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    Every stay super close to home?

    I camp at large lake which is about 10 mins to the campground. Camp on weekends; do not have to take vacation days; can go after I get off work at 6pm and check out on Sunday is 3pm. Great get away without sacrificing travel time. Now I just need a friend with a boat but kayaks will suffice...
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    New TV, So excited HONDA PILOT

    I tow a 12ft popup with 2011 pilot. I take it easy and it works just fine for us. I think my trailer is over 2k lbs.
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    How to take awning down w/o lowering PUP

    If I had to take my owning down at night I would not go through the trouble of setting it up. Just set it up, stake it down (rubber mallet is very useful since most pads are gravel). If I have to roll it up I stand on my cooler.
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    Pop Up market declining or staying the same?

    I think it depends when you go camping. If kids are in school you see a lot of old people with their TT, 5ers and MH. On holiday weekends and summer you see more young families with popups. It is like this when I travel. Travel on a weekday when school is in and the rest areas look like they...
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    Pop Up market declining or staying the same?

    Camped at Fort Mountain State Park in GA on Memorial weekend. I saw many pups.
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    2016 Ford F-150 Backup Assist

    It is all about the consumer, not the mechanic. If there is a market, it will come.
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    Panama City Beach

    The egg and I is great for breakfast.
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    Thanks for everyone's advice - put a deposit on a Quicksilver 10.0 yesterday!

    I really wanted one of those so I'm jealous. Only if nearest dealer with inventory wasn't 300 miles away. Congrats.
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    PUP Security: Are there real safety concerns? Are unsafe situations common?

    I believe most campground crimes are crimes of convenience. For example, teenagers are good at opening your cooler to check for beer or open your unlocked car door to check for cigarettes. The best way to combat this is to lock your doors and not lay anything out in the open that you will miss...
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    Name a few things that someone should Manufacture

    The slide out is next to the door, not on the other side.
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    Name a few things that someone should Manufacture

    The slide out is on the side of the pop up so it would be under the awning.