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    Deal Done, Not what you think

    DOT code shows 0615. From then, it was garaged or shaded. They're good, I'm in the tire industry
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    Deal Done, Not what you think

    Can't update that YET. It asked for nights "camped." As of 7/6, camping trip is still a FUTURE activity. Rest assured it'll be updated as appropriate
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    Deal Done, Not what you think

    Bill and I got to talking about life after the workday, and I mentioned that my GF andnI are saving for an HW with A/C and other amenities. Well, don't you know, Bill's got a small pop up in his yard. It was bartered to him a few years ado, but he's never registered in in PA. Knowing I wanted to...
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    Watch out for potholes this spring!

    @Tombasi, No insult intended We can thank the engineers. Car AND Pavement My shop sees these low profile tires on the Beemers and MB's and such.
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    Watch out for potholes this spring!

    There is a POSITIVE to us being campers with TV's. It's all about the TIRE. Most of us have tires with a 60-75 series aspect ratio. That's the percentage of the tread with that is the sidewall height. The bigger the middle number in the tire size. It's the folks who are flashing their $$$ cars...
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    Potential camping season OVER !

    Fair question. It was part of what started this whole MESS. After she got swept up by the EMS crew of Collingdale, I had to figure out how to get TWO bikes home. Even with the wheel off of one, it wouldn't fit into the trunk of the police Crown Vic, I stashed hers behind a concrete abutment...
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    Potential camping season OVER !

    A few options had been planned, a few bucks stashed away and days off arranged. BUT NOOOOOOOOO Sun 8/4 (16:40) DGF and I went for a bike ride on Sunday afternoon while baked potatoes were cooking. Not 10 minutes from home, we encountered a set of trolley tracks. You guessed it. She failed to...
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    Back from trip - TV is Broken

    Please tell us that you meant NEW brakes, Rotors & Calipers, not NO!!!
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    PA turnpike towing

    Google Earth is a COMPOSITE of images taken at different times over the past few years and then the best images are "stitched" together to create what you see in GE. That said, If you use GE to plot your trip, one of the neat features of GE is that you can watch the elevation profile of your...
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    Smart Phone Apps

    my most used app is WAZE. It's a crowd sourced, interactive navigation system. FREE in the app stores
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    A Job With benefits = practice

    A lucky occasion for me that I work in a great tire shop with a good boss who lets us take care of our own vehicles when slow business allows. On a reimbursed basis, I get to use my Ranger and DGF's sons' utility trailer to move tires between stores. Well it was time for routine maintenance on...
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    Reserve America dot com

    Time for a new CMOS battery
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    Reserve America dot com

    Check your computer's calendar. If you're having a battery issue, it may not be right. TO verify, are you getting secure web pages that don't load properly, because the security certificate is invalid of not signed?
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    brake issues..scratching my head..

    on the trailer side connector, some loose strands of wire may be crossing from the TS to the brake line, OR there may be a bad ground across the R/H T/S wires within the chassis. R/H T/S to R/H brake is the shortest path for electricity, and it may get used up before passing the the left brake.
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    Had to do it - Camp Backyard by tent

    While the camper fund continues to grow and prosper, DGF and I just can't get to a PUP this season. As it is, we have the itch to do SOMETHING. Coincidentally, K-Mart was having a tent sale recently. The first round of the sale locally had us purchasing THIS ONE for $79.99. It looked like it was...
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    IT'S COMING to a Home Depot near you!

    If every PUP and tent camper used the appropriate application / ft(2), the company can probably turn a profit [2C] [2C] [2C] in VERY SHORT order
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    IT'S COMING to a Home Depot near you!

    It's on the way!!!!
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    Ole Bull State Park - Potter County, PA

    GREAT photo spread of your outing. Thanks for keeping my camping desire fire warm
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    Power problem, no lights

    lights are tied to a kill switch on the galley flip up. Galley has to be UP in order to close the circuit in order for any roof power to get "UP." If galley is UP and still no power, check that the wiring on the back of the switch didn't come loose.