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    My 1st Campout in PA. with my PuP

    Work was slow at my job and Wed. i ask if i could have the next 3 days off to take the wife camping, they said i see no problem with it. so i call the wife and said get thing ready, were going camping in the morning.WooHoo she said. I moved to PA From FL so its my first camping trip with my pup...
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    Top won't stay up

    i just found out a few days ago i have the same thing happen to me. my question, is i dont remember but all i had to do is crank up or down without hitting some type of reverse lever. it this that right? i moved here from florida last year and just got a chance to take it out and dont remember...
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    A/C Unit in pop up??

    i like to add a/c also. How do you know if its wired for it and if you have the roof supports already in it? [RTM]
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    Etiquette! whats that

    I wore a hat for so long..without it its like running around without underware on [:D]
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    Florida Camping

    COLLIER-SEMINOLE SP in naples fl might be your best bet. try KORESHAN STATE HISTORIC SITE but thats always full but u may get lucky.. that is if you wanna go that far south [SUN]
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    Popping Up Across America Book

    Yeah great idea.. i like to get in on it also [RTM]
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    So sad our camping season is over :0(

    I hope to get out a few times yet this year.. i moved to PA from FL and my pup is still down there..wife is comming up the 17th of Oct. i told her were going out when you get up here and all i got was a OK.. [:D]
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    road side emergency service

    I ran a wrecker for AAA and others.. i don't belive there is any bidding least in florida. its all set prices, they look for companys they can cover areas in decent times. we covered I75 from mm111 to mm50 and most of naples. i can tell you i made $3 for tire changes and jump starts back then...
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    road side emergency service

    Up graded my AAA to AAA RV jus for those [CAM] moments [LOL]
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    Boondocking near NE PA

    I go to county bridge i guess its in fallbrook pa between blossburg and canton. no hook-ups only a outhouse and well water i dont really care to use [LOL] i belive its $10 a night camp fires are ok, i dont think its on a map or any listing. if you or anyone want directions let me know.. as...
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    Mad Squirrel

    Great story!!! I had a coon waitin for me to leave and snatch food...i left some hot sausages out for him next time an didn't see him again [:D]
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    Help my stove

    i dont think its bad gas, i took the tank off my grill to use instead of filling another tank :)
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    Help my stove

    My stove puts out a awful black soot when im cooking, pot turns black instantly. Is there a easy fix or just replace it? Thanks for any info.
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    What will you tell your grand kids.

    internet,computers,cell phones wasnt around,8 track LP and 45,reel to reel was used, if u had color tv u was well off, penny candy, pack of smokes was .55 gas .60 Didnt have to lock the car or house when you wasn't around [LOL] roller and ice skates was in, ahh the good ole days
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    Love Bugs-were stuck all over

    Ahhh gotta luv the love bugs... i remember i was on US15 in Pa. one night and they were baaad!! i couldnt see and hit the wipers.. [:O] had to pull over and scrub [:!]
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    Just replaced the bearings on my Jayco PUP! If I can do it, anyone can!

    LOL.... i was going to take mine to the you got me thinking i should try it...nooooo gawd help me! :D
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    Gas prices

    i agree bat my TV dont get over 20mpg without a pulling anything [:!] i keep watching gas prices and doing the math on a 1300 mile trip...this is going to hurt, but i'll be spending about 2 weeks up north and its still cheaper then a hotel, and if i find a decent paying job i may stay [:D]
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    First camp out of the season! In the driveway... lol

    thats a nice pup...wish mine had that fancy stove