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    Plan to get this!

    This would be a nice little thing to have.... just in case.
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    Have You Boondocked in Ontario?

    I know there were post on this before, but has anyone truly gone boondocking any place in Ontario? I would be very interested in hearing from you since this is something I would like to try without running afoul of the law. [{:)] [CAN]
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    Let us hear all your camping jokes. Please keep it clean! Here is mine. Camping Turtles Two turtles went camping. They packed a cooler with sandwiches and beer. After three days of walking, they arrived at a great spot but realized they had forgotten a bottle opener. The first turtle turned...
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    We are now the proud owners of a new to us 2009 Trailmanor 2720SL. Got her home today after a ridiculously l-o-n-g trip to pick her up. We went from pup to HTT and now to TM. We hope that we have it right this time.
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    Is it just me.......?

    I have seen so many portal member posting pictures... but I am having great difficulty posting mine. I have read the instructions on posting pics several times but... no success. I recently had some items to sell and posted them on Kijiji Toronto. It was a breeze to post those pictures. I would...
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    Weekly Photo

    I truly enjoy looking at the weekly photos. There has been some real outstanding photography by members. I have noticed that the current picture of Honeymoon Lake by GetOutSide has --Views: 0. Is the counter not working? Just wondering.
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    Got us a hybrid!

    We sold our 2008 Palomino pup and bought an 18 footer 2001 Rockwood Roo hybrid. It was mostly in good shape except for the front end bunk which had some water damage. That is now all fixed up. The put up /pull down was getting to be a bit too much for us. The bathroom, the large fridge, the...
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    Rain , Rain, Go Away....

    DW and I have been planning our first camping trip of the season for weeks. We have been watching the weather reports closely. For the last two weeks there has been rain forcast but--- no rain. We noticed that the weather guy on TV has been getting nasty emails from viewers who want rain. We...
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    Cheap LED light for PUP

    Here is a homemade LED mod for your pup:
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    Do You Have A Camping Budget?

    Every year DW and I try to make up a rough budget as to how much we want to spend on camping. We budget for camp ground fees, gas, food, side trips etc. We manage to stay within budget most of the time. However, sometimes things happen beyond our control and blow our budget. About 12 years ago...
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    CQ CQ All Ham Radio Operators

    I was reading some old posts on the portal from a couple of years ago from ham radio operators. There were some great ideas tossed about. Since I am a relatively newbie here, I don't know if the ideas went anywhere. I have been a ham operator for more years than I care to disclose in case I...
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    Waterproofing under pup floor

    I looked under the pup and noticed that the under floring is chip board! How do I waterproof it? Can I use auto undercoating? I was thinking about using aluminium siding panels and then sealing them? Any suggestions would bre appreciated.
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    What about Insurance for my PUP?

    I have been tent camping all my life. In Europe and in North America. I am now almost retired and wanted to get something a little more comfortable than the good old tent. I waited until the end of camping season this year and purchased a 2008 Palomino, model RL 1406. The price was right...