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    Coleman Niagra slidout won't stay latched

    I have had problems with latching the left side. Most of the time the latch would end up on the wrong side of the metal piece that supposed to keep it secure so it looks like it locked only to start separating out as soon as we pull out. Only thing that seems to work for us is having either...
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    KOA in Cherokee

    We spent our labor day weekend at KOA in Cherokee and I must admit it was nicer than I expected. We anticipated a pretty bare bones experience here as that was what we found at the other two KOA we have visited. To our surprise it was a very nice place to camp. It's bit more on the glamping...
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    Coleman with ABS Roof worth it?

    So if I have a coleman abs roof with no damage so far would you recommend putting a layer of the Grizzly grip on or wait until I see problems.
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    Do you ever feel like a 2nd class citizen in a PUP?

    I have to say I never felt like second class citizen until this weekend. My wife and I just manhandled our pup to get it out of our campsite because a fifth wheel rig gave us about two feet of space between our pup and himself. No way to get my tow vehicle in there. Our site was advertised as a...
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    When is it too windy for the awning to be out?

    Mine doesn't not seem to handle much at all. So I go by the rule of anything more than a gentle breeze.
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    Science News: campfires are healthy!

    What if you are paying $5.00 a bundle and the wood is wet. Your blood pressure will increase as you struggle to keep that smokey fire ablaze. [:(O] That was only my experience on half of my trips this year. I now firmly believe in Duralogs as you never know what you will get at the...
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    Need to replace tires on 2000 Niagara

    Thanks for all the information, I appreciate everyone's help. :) I am erring on the side of safety and getting the ST185/80D13 LRD tires in the springtime as I am getting ready to winterize my pup for the season. (Probably from E-Trailer) Crazy though that the max load for the tires is close...
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    1999 Coleman Westlake

    You will need a high pressure regulator for the line going to to the outside stove.
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    Remodeling a 1999 Coleman Santa Fe

    Looks great. Looks like you all have done a lot of work
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    Need to replace tires on 2000 Niagara

    Thanks for the comments and advice. I have another question. My current tire is a Maxxis radial ST185/80R13 class C. Reading up today I think it should be a class D but I'm not sure how I need to calculate the load. A class C from Maxxis says it has a max load of 1,480 pounds. Do I need to...
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    Need to replace tires on 2000 Niagara

    I lost the tread on one of my pop up tires on the way home from a camping trip yesterday, It was a nerve wracking experience but we made it home safely. (Yeah the tire just lost tread but did not deflate or explode) I want to replace both tires on my Pop up now as well as the spare as I am...
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    Who is taking Mama camping this coming weekend?

    Heading out to a Jellystone with Mama and the kids this weekend. They have a special program just for Mama's.
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    Camping withdrawal

    Sounds like a plan to me
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    Camping withdrawal

    Feeling the withdrawal today. Originally scheduled to go camping today with the family before I realized it was going to be cold December in the Carolinas. Trip was cancelled a few weeks ago. Even though it is pouring down rain right now, I kinda wish I was out there camping. [:!]
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    Cooking over the fire with Charcoal or Wood

    I've been pretty bad at getting a good campfire going. I'm going to have to try your method and next time I take the family camping. [8D]
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    What is "healthy" cooking to you?

    I'm a novice at healthy eating but I'm learning from my wife as she has been transforming the family eating habits. My understanding is Processed and reduced calorie foods are generally unhealthy due to preservatives, artificial preservatives used to make them shelf stable and artificial...
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    Why do wheel bearings need to be repacked or changed so often?

    As a new popup owner. How much on average does repacking the bearings cost if I take in it to be serviced. And where do I go to get it done. Can any auto mechanic do it or do I need to go to a RV specific place.
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    How Far North Do you Camp in Winter?

    We just got our reservations cancelled at a campground in North Carolina. The campground explained that the cold weather we had in the last two weeks has caused most local RV's to winterize so demand is way down. A little bummed as I was looking forward to that trip.
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    We are out Charlotte ourselves and new to camping.
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    High Pressure Outside Stove on 2000 Niagara

    Okay I have an idea of what I would like to do to my PUP propane setup. Using the diagram Bupkis provided. Thanks for that. I am going to try to refit my PUP with a high pressure regulator and a two stage regulator First I want to purchase the following regulators Hot Max 24215 High PRessure...