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    21 days on the road with my two boys

    Took a 21 day trip with my two boys to South Dakota and back from Southern Illinois. Traveled to Northern Illinois and then across the northern border of Iowa. We went through Sioux Falls and cut across to the Badlands. From there we went to Rapid City South Dakota to see some old neighbors of...
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    Canal Campground- Lake Barkley review

    Stayed at Canal Campground on Lake Barkley this past Fri-Sat nights with the popup. First time there and was very impressed. Stayed at site 66 on the Beach Loop. Shower/bathrooms were acceptably clean and conveniently located. Nice playground. Beach is large and clean and in a cove that...
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    1995 Starcraft (Shelby lifter winch) Question

    Bought my first popup a week ago ('95 Starcraft Starlounge XL 1224). It's in good shape with cold rooftop a/c and my family and I enjoyed camping out of it this past weekend. It lowered fine when I bought it from an individual and I've raised/lowered it 3 times since with one small issue. (It...