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    Running battery wire on 84 Jayco

    I haven't been on the forum for awhile-- but I'm back! I never finished installing the battery wiring for my old Jayco. A couple years ago, I put in a new converter and did all the wiring necessary for running off of shore power (and that works great), but I never did run the wiring needed to...
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    Popup Gizmo cords causing leakage in the rain

    We spent a 3-day weekend at Anastasia State park in St. Augustine. It was a good trip overall. This was the first trip using our new popup gizmos. On the last night of the trip, it poured down rain. Despite the age of our PUP, it has always kept us entirely dry even in the heaviest...
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    I want a dog to camp with

    Just venting/whining a little. There are 3 of us-- DH, DS, and me... and I like to camp more than they do, and in more "rustic" environments. I'd go out on my own if I had a dog for company (and for safety). But we haven't had a dog since 2004 when my Rottweiler died (aged 13 yrs 10 mos). (I...
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    Citronella repels critters!

    Storage suggestion: I have always kept fresh Combat roach baits in the Pup, along with drier sheets under the mattresses to keep bugs out when it's sitting. It works pretty well. The only roaches I ever see when I open it up are dead ones. And once there were a lot of dead ants under a...
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    GIZMOS -regular vs high wind vs super high wind??

    I decided to buy some popup gizmos today. Besides price, are there any disadvantages to the super high wind model? Are they bulkier, heavier, and or harder to install than the other ones? THanks. Ann
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    Furnace buzzer question

    Saturday night we were at the Florida Pup Rally. It was chilly so I fired up the furnace (this is only the second time we've used it). We have a CO and gas detector in the Pup for safety. When I opened the main valve on the propane tank I only opened it a couple of turns. After a while the...
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    How much force on the stabililzer (I know not much, but..)

    OK, first off I know that stabilizers aren't meant to support the camper, only stabilize. This is why I am asking-- I don't want to put too much stress on them: The stabilizer legs on my camper have a series of holes in them and are meant to be tightened up with a metal rod, or something--...
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    ClimateRight A/C-- Could be good solution for some

    I came across this product page: This thing both heats and cools. This might be just the solution some people are looking for.
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    Northeast Georgia Mountains?

    We will be attending a family gathering in Roswell GA the first week of August. I'd like to haul the Pup along and go camping for a couple of days in the mountains within a few hours of Roswell. I know there are several state parks and national forests in the mountains there. Can anyone...
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    Door Lock and or Key needed

    We don't have a key to the door on the Pup. If we could lock the door, it would give us a little more peace of mind, both by making theft slightly harder and by preventing the door from popping open when we're driving down the road. Jayco has no replacement parts for this make/model/year. Do...
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    Anastasia State Park, St.Aug FL, with RINGO and BOSTON

    We just spent 3 nights at Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine, FL. This was our third trip to Anastasia since we acquired the PUP a year ago April, and the first time we've camped there in high summer. (St. Augustine is our closest beach so we've been to the beach there many times, but this...
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    Bad marketing strategy

    I was just looking on eBay -- out of curiosity (and I guess smugness) to see what old campers like mine were going for. I saw this: Check out the...
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    Little Debby has some rain for you...

    In north central Florida we had 9 inches of rain in the 24 hours ending this morning-- then a break for most of the day-- and now it is pouring again. I say "Bring it on!" Our rivers and springs were drying up. (But one thing, Debby-- just be gone by Friday when we have a camping trip to...
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    How hard is it?

    We're going on a 4-day trip with another family next weekend and I have to do two dinners. I was looking at the "recipes of the month" and saw a couple of Dutch Oven recipes that looked interesting: cobbler and lasagna. Trouble is I don't have a Dutch Oven. I think - "no problem I can go get...
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    Happy Spring/Summer!

    It's Florida but I've been hibernating from popup refurbishment for a little while. The most recent thing I've done is to (finally) attach the carrying rack rails (Sportrack folding camper rack) to the top of the Pup, and attach four bike racks to that. It has worked out great so far-- we've...
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    Florida Keys: Long Key State Park Reopened

    FYI-- Long Key State park in the FLorida keys has temporarily re-opened for camping. If you want a site, best grab it quick. [url=]
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    My bike rack solution-- good deals on rails and bike holders

    I think I have finally found a (reasonably) economical solution to my bike-hauling dilemma. This gives me the ability to haul 2 bikes for $112 including shipping. (Beats the heck out of the price of a Sixnall, even if I do have to drill some holes.) Found this on for around $50...
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    Help on how to wire the battery to the power converter??

    I need some basic info on how to correctly wire in a battery. (I am ignorant, so bear with me I learn fast, though. :) ) First, some facts 1) My Pup did not come with a battery. 2) I don't have trailer brakes so I don't need a battery to run them. (Pup weighs only 800 some lbs dry) 3) I...
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    Battery brought back from the dead-- Will it stay alive?

    I was cleaning a bunch of stuff out of the garage-- stuff that DH had thrown in there from his dad's garage when dad had to go to an assisted living facility. I found a deep cycle marine battery among the piles of stuff. It needed water but was not dry. I added water and tested the voltage...
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    Welding a hitch to the Pup Frame to hold bike rack?

    Another idea I have started reconsidering for carrying bikes: I know that the Pup bumper is not strong enough to attach a hitch to. But what if I got a hitch receiver actually welded to the Pup frame? I already own a hitch-mounted bike rack (Yakima Bighorn 4). The rack itself weighs 34...