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    Dometic 2193: Amazing on 120v, sucks on propane

    I just got back from another weekend of camping and on this trip, i noticed that my fridge basically failed at its job. I filled it with frozen water bottles before we set off and when we arrived at our site, i fired up the propane. Within the day, the fridge got to between 66-68F where it...
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    Covering the PUP

    Due to some life events, I have yet to winterize my PUP. It has been raining a lot lately so I assume covering a wet PUP is a bad idea. Also, from what I have been reading on these forums, covering a PUP with a tarp is a bad idea! Since my pup is going to be stored outside exposed to the...
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    Winterizing Tips

    Hey everyone. What tips do you have for winterizing a pup? I've read numerous stories on ehre about mice getting in their PUPs, but I don't know if that happened when they were closed up. I am going to be able to store my PUP indoors in my in-laws shop, but it is on rural property a long ways...
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    Canvas Tear

    My son was playing with the zipper in the bottom corner of the bed for the panel along the size of the PUP and I noticed after he opened and closed it a few times that there is now a tear in the canvas about 1" to 1 1/2" long. Help! How can I fix this? I don't want rain getting in!
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    How much propane will I use?

    Fellow PUP travelers! I'm fairly new when it comes to using a PUP, and I'm trying to get an idea of how much propane I can expect to use on a trip. The trip is going to be 3 nights up north and I plan to use the fridge on LP, as well as the 2-burner stove. We will undoubtedly need to use the...
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    LED Replacement: Bulbs or fixtures?

    I was searching around the forums trying to figure out what most people do when they swap from incandescent to LED for their marker lights and interior lights and while it seems a lot of people go with flat style LED bulbs in the stock interior roof fixtures, what are people doing about the...
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    Shuswap Provincial Park, Scotch Creek BC

    We stayed here the July long weekend as our maiden voyage with our PUP. The campsite is an easy drive sitting on the northwest arm of Shuswap lake: Google Map We stayed in campsite 150A which was pretty well in the middle of the site. The pad was flat, the site was clean and had the standard...
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    Jayco 6-pin wiring to 7-pin redo

    My 2000 Jayco Qwest 10X had the wiring converted from the stock 6-pin rectangle adapter to a 7-pin adapter, presumably by the previous owner. After my last trip and having no left turn signal or brake lights, I realized I had a problem. I opened all the wiring up and found about 6 butt splices...
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    Broken tail light lens tab

    Anyone have some suggestions as to the best way to fix a broken taillight tab that holds the tail light to the trailer? It's the part on the red lens that is broken. I thought about making a new tab out of a piece of aluminum and gluing it to the inside of the light. The previous owner just used...
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    Hello from Kelowna, BC!

    Hi there. i just recently purchased a 2000 Jayco Qwest 10X and have yet to use it. I've just been getting acquainted and performing a bit of maintenance on it so far (of which i have questions...). For a 15 year old trailer, it is in excellent condition!