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  1. FunnyFarmFamily

    Seeking Portable Toilet Advice

    Hey Guys!!!! With all this COVID-19 crap trying to ruin our lives I decided to go the portable toilet route so that at least we can have SOME options. I was able to find a camp site that was OK with this arrangement and it's all COVID compliant so that box has been checked. My Question for all...
  2. FunnyFarmFamily

    MIA Battery hook-ups

    We just bought 2006 Palomino Yearling model 4103. I've found online a lot of information but I can not locate where the battery is supposed to be stored.... Our pop up didn't come with a battery anywhere that we can find. It also doesn't have a gas line inside - but that's something we are...
  3. FunnyFarmFamily

    Just got our first PopUp!

    My hubby and I like to travel to festivals and we got tired of tent camping so we just purchased a 2006 Palomino tent camper. We live in Columbus OH where hubby is from but I'm from Maryland. Experience wise we've been tent camping enough to say we're experienced campers but we know next to...