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  1. daveo1289

    Made the change after 8 years,

    I have a Jayco X23B htt. The shore power cord is 35 ft of hard to handle cord. Especially when it cool out and you have to push it in to the cubby hole. Many times have I left skin on the hole. No more! I changed the cord set over to a twist lock style. The change over took a bit more time than...
  2. daveo1289

    Go and Enjoy the Cloud, Little Girl.

    Our pup of 11 years crossed the "Rainbow Bridge this past weekend, Ivory was a rescue pup and her first 5 years were rough. She came to us very damaged and with much love and understanding, she became the most loving pup we ever had. She took right to camping and enjoyed sleeping on the "cloud"...
  3. daveo1289

    Warm Power Plug

    Last trip we had, when I went to pull the plug from the power pole, I noticed the plug to be warm. Maybe a bit warmer than usual. We had checked the voltage before plugging in and it was 120 volts. The service was at 30 amps which is right for the camper. We ran the A/C along with a coffee pot...
  4. daveo1289

    A Lot of New Campers out.

    My DW and I just got back from our 3rd trip of the summer. There are a great number of new and first time campers out because of the C-19. While we enjoy seeing any camper out, it's become a good time for some of us "seasoned" campers to help out. Every time this year, my wife and I have been...
  5. daveo1289

    Camping on Hold

    It looks as if the campgrounds in the state are going to be closed until at least May. It may be pushed out through May also depending on things.
  6. daveo1289

    Do You Ever Wonder?

    Looking through the posting boards today, I started to wonder what ever became of my PUPs I've moved on to others. I had one PUP we sold to a family that lived near us. I know they used it a lot and got many years out of it before they traded up and it moved on. The second PUP was used as...
  7. daveo1289

    Not a Review but a Bit of a Rant.

    NYS Parks have announced that for the months of August and September, camping in parks along Lake Ontario will be at 50% off. Not a bad deal! I do however have a reservation for September at one of the parks listed. So I contact NYS Parks commission and mention it to them and ask how I can get...
  8. daveo1289

    Out of Storage

    With the weather cooperating this past week, I was able to do the pre-spring maintenance on the unit and bring her home from storage. The camper, while being a bit dusty, seemed to have survived another Western NY winter. Pulled good with no issues. Now my DW and I will clean it and restock it...
  9. daveo1289


    We're going to try this park toward the end of June. My DIL and SIL are taking their children to the amusement park for having a good school year and we decided to tag along. My DW and I probably won't do the theme park however and I was wondering what else may be out in that area. Also, what...
  10. daveo1289

    Lightweight RV Sale Rochester NY

    One of our local dealers, Johnston RV, has put together an RV show at one of the malls showcasing lightweights. This includes a number of new Jayco and Rockwood PUPS. He also has a number of good looking used units at the show. Along with the PUPs are smaller TT's and hybrids. Stopped by and...
  11. daveo1289

    Second Leak at Water Heater Fittings.

    Earlier this year, I discovered water dripping from the inlet and outlet fittings to our water heater. It's an "Attwood GC6AA-10E" model. The camper is a Jayco 2013 x23b. I spent time replacing the plastic fittings that went into the heater with teflon tape and pipe sealant. Worked great for the...
  12. daveo1289

    Sampson SP on Seneca Lake

    I haven't been to the park for a few years and decided to join my DD and her family for a weekend. My DW and I got the site next to hers and we had a nice weekend camping with them. I took notice of things that have changed. The park seemed neater than I remembered. Grass was trimmed nicely and...
  13. daveo1289

    Over fill in campsite.

    My DW and I were at Sampson SP in the Finger Lakes region of New York over the weekend. Nice park with many amenities. The sites are big enough for any RV. But not for the guy who was across from me. He pulled in with a huge 5th wheel and dually pulling it. He slid it into the campsite but...
  14. daveo1289

    Just a bit peeved.

    I have a 2013 Jayco X23b hybrid. Very nice unit for my DW and I. No major issues to this point. BUT, with that said, this past week while camping we noticed a small drip coming from the cold water feed to the water heater. I tried to make sure every thing was tight but the drip persisted. One...
  15. daveo1289

    T-stat change out.

    I've been toying with changing the T-stat from analog to digital for the last year now. I have one that I was going to use on my PUP but we went to a hybrid before I made the change. It was sitting on my work bench in the basement for a few years and when I went to get it, I noticed some...
  16. daveo1289

    One Week away from the First trip of the Season

    I'm one week away and in the process of packing and outfitting the camper. We're heading to Golden Hill SP in New York State which is along Lake Ontario in Niagara County. The lake level is at historically high levels and we've seen some pictures and videos of the issues the park is...
  17. daveo1289

    Digital Thermostat

    I did this in my PuP and with the location of the t-stat near the floor, it didn't work out well. Now that I have a HTT and the t-stat is up higher, I was wondering if any of the people out here have changed the t-stat to a digital one. If you have, how does it work. I have the one I tried in...
  18. daveo1289

    Interesting Observation

    After dropping my DW's puppy off to get a hair cut, I decided to stop at the Camping World store to kill a couple of hours. After looking through the over priced items in the store, I went into the showroom and looked at the campers. One thing that caught my attention is the new 2014 Coleman...
  19. daveo1289

    Going Camping?

    Here is a picture from Wilmington, NY this morning. It's near Whiteface Mt.
  20. daveo1289

    1st Outing of the Year!!

    We went on our first camping trip last week. It was at Golden Hills SP on Lake Ontario in Erie County NY. The weather was a bit cold seeing the lake temp is 45 and the winds were from the north east. It kept the air temps in the low 50's during the day but dipped in to the 30's at night. No rain...