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  1. nitrohorse

    Door Gap on Pop Up

    I have an issue that I'm sure is not unique to me or my 2004 Viking. Once the PUP is set up, and I lay down on the bed closest to the door, the gap widens on the door to the point that it has opened on it's own. What I believe is happening is that the door gap opens up as weight is placed on the...
  2. nitrohorse

    Honda EU2000i running a Coleman Mach roof AC

    I may be late to the party, but I just discovered that my Honda 2000 genny will run my roof AC. I opened up the PUP today to get ready for an upcoming trip. I used the genny to provide power while I work working in the PUP. For poops and giggles, I decided to turn off the ECO switch, and started...
  3. nitrohorse

    Going to Retire on Nov.1st. Any Suggestion on Camping During the week?

    Finally, the time has come to hang up the lunch pail and call it a career. One of the advantages to retirement is being able to camp during the week. This year my DW and I realized how difficult it was to make a reservation with short (2-3 weeks) notice. I'm hoping that changes with us being...
  4. nitrohorse

    Airtronics D2 Diesel Fuel Heater

    I am curious if anyone has any experience with using an Espar-Airtronics diesel fuel heater in a pop-up? I purchased a used one (7500 BTUs) and plan on installing it shortly, weather permitting. I used a Little Buddy Heater (4-9k BTUs) in fall when the temps were about 36 degrees at night and it...
  5. nitrohorse

    StarCraft Awning Assembly

    I bought a 1996 StarCraft Comet 817 a few weeks ago. When the original owner was showing me how to set up the pop up, I forgot yo ask him how to set up the awning. Are there any instructions on line? I have the original owner's manual, but there's no mention of the awning in it. Thank you.
  6. nitrohorse

    Liquid Roof over Proflex RV Sealant ?

    I have two tubes of Proflex sealant left over from a previous TT we owned. I decided to use it on the PUP after I removed the old silicone caulking. After using the Proflex, I sat down on the deck with a cold iced tea and began to read the instructions to determined the dry time for the caulk...
  7. nitrohorse

    StarCraft Paint Match?

    I have a 1996 StarCraft Comet. It appears that the previous owner use a tarp and bungee cords to cover the PUP. As a result, the bungees chafed the paint on the sides of the roof. The paint on the rest of the PUP is good. That said, I would like to paint the roofs sides only. Anyone have any...
  8. nitrohorse

    Frame Rust

    I have a 1996 StarCraft Comet 817 that is in good shape. I'm doing some general and preventative maintenance on it. I've sanded and paint the exposed part of the frame which runs along the perimeter of the box. I was wondering what everyone else uses to address surface rust on the frame...
  9. nitrohorse

    Type of Roof on my Starcraft

    I'm leaning towards coating my roof on my 1996 StarCraft Comet 814. I've been all over the map with types of coating to use vs. just caulking the seams and calling it a day. I think the roof may be some kind of filon/plastic, but it may aluminum too. I'm curious as to what type of material was...
  10. nitrohorse

    Hello from Eastern Pa

    I purchased a 1996 StarCraft Comet 817 this past week as a mobile camper to supplement my wife and my ability to camp on a moments notice. We also have a 2015 fifth wheel on a seasonal site. This is our second PUP since we were married. We had a 1976 StarCraft Galaxy 8 that we enjoy the heck...