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  1. Boatnman

    Coleman/Fleetwood extension tube threads

    Greetings and welcome to the Portal from Colorado! In case you haven't seen it, here's a great video about the Fleetwood/Coleman lift system: At the start of the video you can see how to remove the extension tube and about half way through the video is an...
  2. Boatnman

    Door issues

    The door in our 2007 Fleetwood does not align very well either. The door has a little play in where it sits at the bottom which helps. I've also started putting the door in after the beds are pulled out and supported but before putting shepherd's hook in. With the canvas not being stretched...
  3. Boatnman

    Crazy Pop Up Story

    Greetings from western Colorado and welcome to the Portal! I guess if my wife cranked faster, "pop-up" would be an appropriate description...:p
  4. Boatnman

    New and need help!

    Greetings and welcome to the Portal from Colorado! We used a solution of water and OxiClean applied with a fairly stiff bristle brush. We put a plastic sheet over the bunk mattress and applied the solution to the stain with the brush - more to cover the stain with solution than to scrub it...
  5. Boatnman

    Lift Cable Snapped

    Congratulations! Yeah, smit1088 is a great source of information.
  6. Boatnman

    Anyone else with a pup I the U.K.?

    Greetings from Colorado and welcome to the Portal!
  7. Boatnman

    new to me 1995 jayco j series

    Welcome to the Portal and greetings from western Colorado!
  8. Boatnman

    Hello! New pup owners from Indiana!

    Welcome to the Portal and hello from Colorado!
  9. Boatnman

    Hello from SNJ

    Greetings from Colorado! Welcome to the Portal.
  10. Boatnman

    First time p/up owner, hello from PA

    Greetings and welcome to the Portal from Colorado!
  11. Boatnman

    Cross Country RV Buying

    Greetings from Colorado.
  12. Boatnman

    New in New Mexico

    Welcome to the Portal and greetings from western Colorado!
  13. Boatnman

    Hi from Georgia

    Greetings and welcome from the desert side of Colorado!
  14. Boatnman

    2004 Fleetwood Santa Fe jerky when lowering

    It's not heavy, just awkward to handle when taking the screws out with one hand and holding the plate up with the other.
  15. Boatnman

    Success at last!

    Congratulations on a successful fix!
  16. Boatnman

    Lift Cable Snapped

    Here's a link to the Parts Book for you '97 Sea Pine: It doesn't give instructions on replacing the cable, but pages 3 & 4 show the parts of the lift system.
  17. Boatnman

    2010 Coleman Utah - Lights won't work?

    If none of those cure the problem, check the fuses in the front panel of the converter (power center). There may also be a fuse in the positive wire coming off the battery.
  18. Boatnman

    Any mobile repairman in Denver area?

    I didn't see it either. We're on the western slope but we get to Denver fairly often to visit family. We have a Fleetwood/Coleman so I'm familiar with the lift system. I can lend a hand or knowledge if you need something in the future.
  19. Boatnman

    New to our family Coleman PUP

    Welcome to the Portal from western Colorado!
  20. Boatnman

    First time popup owner

    Nice work. Welcome to the Portal and greetings from Colorado!