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  1. vagov

    Just a little TLC needed

    Some elbow greese and it could be yours!
  2. vagov

    What was your first camper you had?

    This is what started my camping career. As a kid. Camping all around PA and Ohio. With my parents. Hooked ever since!
  3. vagov

    Bugs on my tires

    I keep finding these dead bug carcass stuck on the side of my camper tires. Knocked one off last weekend, and while loading up the camper I noticed another one today. Haven’t seen any inside yet. Anybody know what it is ?
  4. vagov

    Kent Rollins. Dutch oven legend

    Kent Rollins coming to heading to Lemans. Hardware.
  5. vagov

    Burning up brakes

    Took the trailer out for its first run of the season. Everything went fine until about half hour from home Service trailer brakes light comes on my truck, and I start smelling brake burning, limped it home. And noticed that the plunger on the brake away switch pulled out, and actually...
  6. vagov

    Grand Vue Park campground and adventure

    looks like a new campground is opening up in Moundsville WV not too far from me, going to have to check it at some point !
  7. vagov

    Harrisburg pa. Rv show

    This weekend not cancelled. Going on as planned
  8. vagov

    Dicor EPDM roof coating

    Has anybody used the dicor two part EPDM rubber roof coating , I want to refresh my white roof , it says. Use cleaner activator first and then 2 coats of roof coating, just wondering if anybody has used this product , and was happy with results. As it’s not cheap to purchase at 80 dollars...
  9. vagov

    Bearing repack. Slight burning on spindle

    Start repacking my bearings today. When I pulled the drum off I noticed. Slight burning on bottom on spindle. It this bad enough to worry about?
  10. vagov

    New Silverado

    Watching the commercials on the Super Bowl yesterday, I noticed that the new Silverado’s are coming out with a all electric Version, Wonder how that will be as a tow vehicle?
  11. vagov

    Self stick tile

    Thinking about doing self stick tile in the camper, just wondering if anybody. Has done this before. And results. From it. Thanks
  12. vagov

    Pgh rv show

    Driving to work this morning I noticed a convoy of new trailers heading downtown Pittsburgh for the rv show scheduled Jan8-16
  13. vagov

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year Everyone ! Hope all your camping trips go smooth in 2022
  14. vagov

    Bearings and seals 4400 ib lippert axle

    Looking on etrailer. At new seals and bearings, can’t seem to find any for 4400 1b lippert axles , just 3500 and 6000 axles, Trying to order before pulling old ones. Wondering if lippert just cheaped out and used the 3500 bearings, Would that make sense? Here is my axle tag
  15. vagov

    Happy thanksgiving

    Happy thanksgiving everyone!
  16. vagov

    Officially closed up !

    Winterized and covered until 2022
  17. vagov

    PA fall follage

    Report for 3rd week of October
  18. vagov

    Raccoon creek state park western PA

    The last time I visit I noticed. That they were removing. Dead trees and was leveling out ground behind several sites, I called DCNR. And they confirmed that yes. They plan on making a lot of campsites longer. Pads, Much needed for a long time !
  19. vagov

    Short lived season

    Due to some health issues this year, I didn’t get out much this camping season, but by good graces, my health situation has improved, and I did manage to take my camper out this past weekend, for my 2nd and final camping trip of the season, now the winterize process begins, After getting...
  20. vagov

    Fox den acres campground. New Stanton PA

    Spend my final weekend camping for the season. At Fox Den acres in New Stanton. PA. When first arriving. I wasn’t real impressed with the place, but over the weekend. It kind of grew on me. The bottom of the campground Has wide and long pull trough sites, mostly with large rigs...