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    Do You Have An Axle??

    I encounter a gentleman today who stated and I quote, "MOST POP UPS DON'T HAVE AN AXLE, THEY USE TWO SEPARATE MOUNTS WITH A COIL SPRING." What the heck? Anyone here consider that statement to be true?
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    Lift Cable Size

    I would like to beef up my L & W system when I build the new roof and would like to know if I should use larger cables since I am adding an AC?
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    AC Placement

    I am finally going to start my new roof build next month and have begun drawing plans and getting the remainder of new parts which includes and AC. I need some help to determine the best placement of the AC. Bracing is not an issue since I am building from scratch, but thinking more about the...
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    Propane Connection to Stove and Furnace

    The PO disconnected the stove at the galley due to not ever using it and the connection where a hose would attach then attach to the stove was not capped. Are the stove and furnace fed off of the same line? Pup is in storage and this just came to mind.
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    Chocking tires when using leveling blocks

    This hasn't happened to me yet but it came to mind recently and I'm wondering how this is done on a single axle trailer.
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    Repairing Holes in Body of PUP

    I've seen many things done and suggested for filling holes prior to painting. One approach I'm not seeing is the use of Bondo. Is this something to explore or not?
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    Tyler State Park

    Hello All. Planning a camping trip with the Grandsons in early June and was wondering if anyone had been to TSP recently. Have read some posts from years past that were not very positive regarding spaces for PUPs. I will be taking my NTM 1975 Apache Royal!
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    Apache Campers

    Does anyone have any knowledge about these campers. Do the lift posts need to be lubricated like other types of popups? Should the bed slides be lubricated? I have looked on and the other sites and have reviewed the manual....nothing! Help!! [:!]
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    1976 Apache Royal

    Hello everyone! I picked up my NTU Apache on Tuesday. I am so excited to have such a unique camper and it is in great shape. A good cleaning and I'm ready to go. [:)C]
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    2000 Tracker Ultralight Hybrid

    Is anyone familiar with or knows someone who has one of these? I am possibly driving 6 hours to look at one that the owner says is ready to go, no leaks, etc. My main concern is there was only this one production year.
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    Attention All Veterans

    Let's see how many there are out there in the portal. Reply with your branch of service. I was in the US ARMY
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    Closing the pup

    There are thousand of posts that address the proper opening and set up, but I can't find any that give specifics about closing the pup. My question is what is the proper way to fold the canvas as the roof is lowered? I've never seen it done as my S-I-L arranged the purchase.
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    Bed Slides

    Need your help. I've lubed the bed slides with silicone but maybe haven't done it correctly. I haven't found that anything is binding. Could be I'm only 5' tall [LOL]
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    My First SPUT!

    We all know it's gonna happen sometime. The dreaded SPUT! Wish my first one would have been something else. But there are always worse things. I forgot to make that second walk around to insure that ALL 4 hold downs are released and sure enough I missed one. Started raising the roof with...
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    Modifying Manual Lift To Electric Lift With ATV Winch

    I saw a post where a pup was being rebuilt (I think) and to poster showed where he replaced his winch. I can't find that posting any longer and am interested in finding out how that worked. Does anyone remember this or know of somewhere I can find a similar set-up? Thanks in advance for your...
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    Propane - is there an encyclopedia out there?

    Is there a simple, concise authority about propane, connections, adapters, high pressure and low pressure? I start reading these posts and pretty soon I have a headache. The posters disagree on issues which is really bad for us novices. Too many acronyms being used which could cause a real...
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    Converting PUP to small hardside TT

    I've considered a conversion that would be larger than a teardrop. Maybe 6 ft tall max. I'm not interested in all the frills. I don't cook, shower, or wash dishes in my PUP and I don't spend time in there except to sleep. It is usually one or two people but can be up to six. Anyone have...
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    Planning A Complete Rebuild of my PUP's Roof

    Seems like I've read thousands of posts on lots of forums about these roofs and I want to build mine from scratch using the original measurements except for height. Instead of 1 x 8 sides I would rather go with 1 x 10's. I feel like this would give that little extra space when closing. On my...
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    NTU 1985 Jayco J 1008 SG

    Hello to everyone! I'm new to pup camping and haven't camped since a teen. Bought this 30 yr old pup and have cleaned it up, serviced the wheel bearings, changed out all the lights to LED's, and installed a 5,000 BTU AC thru the rear wall below the bunk. Still much more work to be done but it is...
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    Help finding Jayco model

    No help from Jayco on this one. I purchased a 1985 Jayco pup and cannot determine the model. Wanting to know if anyone out there has one like mine and has knowledge and/or service manual for this pup. It is 11' closed and 19' open. Has full size beds on both ends, 3 burner cook top, sink...

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