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    Get them While You Can

    H Honda doesn't make any two cycle mowers or generators - what are you talking about?
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    1989 Jayco Axle Question

    Check with dexter and Jayco on the axle and see if you can replace with a torsion axle. The dexter ones, and clones (others make them) are less than 500. They are all pretty much custom and get one that you can run 13" tires, you will have lots of options there. The torsion axles have been...
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    How much solar / battery to run a Dometic RTX2000 24x7 if needed?

    Run the numbers, it's not possible unless you have something like 1200 amp hours of batteries for overnight and you are done, no way to recharge them in a day.
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    Empty water tank. Would never tow with it full unless there won't be water where you are going.
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    200 miles in and some weather stripping fails.

    You can solve most / all of your problems by simply adjusting the roof latches and closing the roof tighter to the camper box. I had this similar issue when my 2001 Jayco camper was new to us, road and wind driven rain coming in the front seal. At first I thought that it was the weather...
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    Bunkend support poles

    Most stock bunk end support systems will support 1000 lbs. Do you have a situation that is beyond this?
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    Outside table?

    You can mount an angle support to the camper as noted, but if you attach a larger table (larger in the dimension that goes from the camper), then you are better off using an adjustable folding table leg. Search online, there are a variety of options. I have a 2' x4' table attached to my camper...
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    No Factory Battery Setup?

    The battery would have sat on the tray next to the propane. Check the tongue for wires that lead back to the converter. I personally would replace the converter with a new model, they can be had for about $125 and are not hard to wire up.
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    Towing without surge master cylinder?

    My 2001 Jayco has surge brakes on it that don't work. I've towed it for the last five years that way and have had no issues and that includes plenty of mountain towing out West. When I am fully loaded, my camper weighs about 2800 lbs and I tow with a minivan. First thing I would say - not...
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    Time for a new grill

    I have one of the small rectangular black steel propane grills. The kind where the legs fold up to hold the top and the propane regulator attaches to the steel pipe on the end. It uses one lb propane bottles. Very easy to pack, last one lasted eight years. When on sale, they are $25 and...
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    Rethinking food options during long drive days

    We don't allow for digital entertainment. Our youngest is 19 now, but we have been doing this for almost 20 years. Once they learned to read, they were all good with books and we left early so they slept the first 4 hours. Very lucky that they are great in the car - they know we only stop for...
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    Rethinking food options during long drive days

    We do 800+ mile days regularly. Here is what we do. If we are going to do breakfast in the car, we do yogurt, bananas or other fruit, and for a treat for kids, mini donuts in the small boxes. For lunch, we premake sandwiches and have fruit and snacks. We also have additional snacks and...
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    Propane on for 3-way fridge while underway?

    It's not an issue at all. Make sure the little pilot cover is closed so it stays lit.
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    Charging tent battery

    This is basically the same battery I have except mine is a group 31 Duracell made by East Penn.
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    Charging tent battery

    I camp all the time without hookups. I have a group 31 true deep cycle battery. The one you showed in your picture is a combo starter / deep cycle battery and you would be better getting a larger true deep cycle. 24, 27, and 31 are the commons sizes. A group 31 has plenty of capacity for a...
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    does a battery need to be connected for shore power?

    Your Jayco doesn't have a switch. Entirely plausible that the 12V converter is out. I replaced the Centurion 3K on mine with a new WFCO. I think I bought it for around $120 and installation with pretty straight forward. Nicer, quieter, a few more DC circuits and so on. Hole size was nearly...
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    Pole end replacement

    You can buy the piece for the end of the pole at your local Jayco dealer. I don't know where you are located, but Hilltop RV in MN has all of those parts in stock. I just drive over there and get them.
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    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    I grew up with a pop up as a kid, so that was a natural way to go. We had tent camped with three kids and just assembling and hauling everything we needed was a huge chore in itself. Also, when tent camping, bad weather could really spoil the trip. We went looking for a pop up and it just so...
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    Bearing size

    I don't think there is any reason to replace them out of hand. Pull the hubs ad clean and inspect them. If they are in good working order, all you need to do is repack them.
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    Can we pull a Jayco 1207 with our Odyssey?

    You will not have any trouble pulling a 1207 with your Ody and the family that you have. The max trailer weight is 2950, but you would have to really load it up to get to that number as it has a great deal of cargo carrying capacity. If you keep the loaded weight of the trailer to 2900 or...