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  1. Overland

    Rebuilt Coleman Colorado

    This is my Colorado that I sold last year, the owner has some health issues and won't be able to use it for trips she had planned. I journaled this campers rebuild here on this forum. Prior to her picking it up I...
  2. Overland

    RMNP: Timed entry permits

    Just saw this and had heard nothing of it prior, I'll be passing through twice on an upcoming month long road trip. According to the article it won't be in effect when I pass through heading west (monday) but will be on my return run through the park...
  3. Overland

    Any Kamparoo Pup owners here?

    Found an Austrailian designed, most likely manufactured in Canada camper I might be interested in. I had an offer to trade my Colorado I built and sold last winter for this and it's back up available again. It looks a bit rough cosmetically with a spray bomb Grey finish over the original...
  4. Overland

    Coleman Colorado project or parts

    Not affiliated.. just thought someone may need this. Marketplace - 1985 Coleman Colorado | Facebook Looks to have good bows, and price is certainly reasonable.
  5. Overland

    Will a 13" trailer rim fit a 3500lb axle hub?

    Sold my camper, pulled some lift out of it and installing smaller wheels/tires. Stopped in the trailer store down the road for a quote and measure diameter to check fit. One thing I forgot to check is the center bore, and if its large enough to fit over the 3500lb axle hub. Anyone know? The...
  6. Overland

    Starcraft single slide

    No affiliation, thought i'd share. looks to be a good price on a clean rarer pup. Marketplace - 2000 Starcraft Pop up | Facebook
  7. Overland

    Coleman Colorado

    This is a relist of one i damn near went for this past summer. It looks to be an easier project as it looks complete and i dont see any sag or drop in the rear corners indicating overly rotted floors. I thought of grabbing it just to make sure it gets saved, i think it might be too nice for...
  8. Overland

    Considering a larger offroad PUP

    Let me start by saying i love my Coleman Colorado, great camper for the offroad and backcountry dispersed camper. However.. i need a slightly larger bed with my back issue. I am looking to buy a Fleetwood E1/E2 or similar, a king/queen or dual queens would be fine. Project camper needing work...
  9. Overland

    Another Coleman Colorado FS in PA

    I believe this is in NE Pa.. Pocono area. I'm a few hours away.
  10. Overland

    SOLD..91 Palomino Hardside camper

    Yes, my son and i just purchased this two weeks ago roughly. Apparently his ex wife isnt done with causing him more grief in his life and he needs a lawyer. Another camper that suits him will be purchased at another time.. in the meantime he can use mine. Everything works, everything. Previous...
  11. Overland

    Four Mile North area in Colorado

    I'v been researching and looking for stellar dispersed camping in Utah and Colorado for a trip i'm planning this year. I was last in Colorado in 98' and found a nice site near Taylor Canyon Reservoir. With what looks like the popularity of OHV's in Colorado nowadays i'm looking for a second...
  12. Overland

    In need of a bedding solution..

    I need advice on options to replace the old foam mattress on my 88 Coleman Colorado. I'v camped twice on this, first a few day trip which had me hunched over in pain for a week or better (putting off back surgery since 95).. the second time a quick overnighter with a featherbed mattress topper...
  13. Overland

    Well modified Coleman Aspen/Colorado

    Great deal here.. this camper is one of the Colorado's that influenced my build. New heavier axle, all new wooden construction, canvas, 12v power, water tank with shower nozzle. If this was closer i'd be picking it up for my buddy.. Several build journals on this one, just Google "jetnoise...
  14. Overland

    Stay in the damn vehicle please..

    It amazes me people are this dense, i'v seen first hand within Yellowstone and elsewhere when people put themselves and others in harms way. Stay in the vehicle please...
  15. Overland

    Another nice Colorado No affiliation. Act quick on this one if you have an interest, it wont last long at this price.
  16. Overland

    03 Aliner Expedition

    No affiliation, looked to be a good deal but i'm not all that familiar. This is located outside Philadelphia.
  17. Overland

    Anyone experienced with portable propane smokers?

    Few years back I bought a Masterbuilt Electric smoker, and I found I like the experience and results. I want one for camp.. I'v been looking at this: Anyone have one, i'd appreciate your thoughts. I'd like something I can do a salmon filet and a few chicken breasts or boston butts for pulled...
  18. Overland

    Pristine original Coleman Colorado

    Wow... straight from the time machine.
  19. Overland

    Coleman Jamestown.. rare single slide

    No affiliation.. I'v only seen one of these FS before, pretty rare camper from what I understand. IIRC these were one step up from the Colorado's of same vintage.. it has a kitchenette whereas the Colorado does not. Looks to be pretty...
  20. Overland

    1972 Fiberlass camper with pop up roof

    Saw this this am and thought i'd share.. no affiliation.