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    Camping Craft: Melted Beads Wind Chimes

    Lots of fun, and my first Camping Crafts Corner post!
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    Rice cooker breakfast! A quick and healthy breakfast!
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    Cake made in a rice cooker! Delicious! Enjoy!
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    South East Texas Pop-Up Camper's Club

    SETPUCC A family-friendly camping club in South East Texas. No fees, no required participation, "come and go as you please" kind of club. We meet annually at Brazos Bend State Park and determine camping trips for the year which we list out on our blog! Great people, always great food, and lots...
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    Grilled Banana Pudding

    A two-for-one kind of recipe... Really the possibilities are endless once you have Camp Pudding made... My personal favorite is just the one whee you make it and then eat the whole thing with a spoon... ;-) Enjoy...
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    Bacon wrapped Jalapeño Poppers Oh boy, these are the best!!
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    Camping is for the Dogs! Tips and Tricks #3 Thought I'd share a few things we do for our Diesel dog. Enjoy!
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    Misc Mods #3 A couple more mods! Man, this is fun!!
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    Mod to our TV A mod to the tow vehicle. Isn't it odd how you start one project and it turns into another? [MOD]
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    Goose Island State Park, TX near Rockport
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    Pet/Dog First Aid Kit

    So, I'm prepping a first aid kit for my pooch, and wondered if I'm overlooking anything? I'll list out what I currently carry when we travel with Diesel, as I'm duplicating it to make one that will live permenantly in the camper. Here's what I have so far: *instant ice pack *sterile dressing...
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    Not a Mod, but a favorite tool...

    Couldn't find a spot for reviews on tools or products that I love, but think this one's worth sharing. Check it out: Happy Camping!
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    Poison Ivy First Aid Kit

    Couldn't find another place where this fits in, and for those of us that severly suffer from the rashes PI gives, this is the stuff I'll have on hand when I'm camping. Thought it might helps others who might not have thought this far ahead...
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    Rabies Air Drop in Fort Bend Co, TX