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  1. Char Bo Campgrounds, Derby Vt

    Char Bo Campgrounds, Derby Vt

    Our morning view, Lake Salem in the distance.
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    I had the pleasure of camping here 4 days in August of 2017. My daughter & family live in the border town of Derby. This beautiful gem in just 3 miles down the road. We were traveling up to Vermont for the birth of our granddaughter. My daughter would be in the hospital for 3-5 days, and my...
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    Is this normal behaviour?

    Seems perfectly normal to me. I thought I was the only one.
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    Accessories - cooler and canopy

    We have a Eureka screen house we have been using for years. Paid under $200 for it and it's held up quite well. We always put it up for family get togethers for the little ones to play in. Then its the "scream house". As for a cooler, we had a Themos that we wore out. Last 8-10 we have...
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    Is it me or is it rude.....

    nope, it's not you.. it is rude. Sad to say, that is just not kids. when we are on a site where it looks like it may be a cut through to the bathroom, water , etc. I strategically set up my screen house as a barrier and /or set up my dogs stake and etc. People usually get the hint. If...
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    Left over firewood....take it or leave it?

    I didn't check out the link,,,, but since I was a girl scout and have been camping longer than I will admit.. we were always taught that the proper and good camper thing to do was leave any left over wood for the next camper. As for clearing the site, volunteers , etc. Again we were always...
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    What age did you start camping with your kids?

    My oldest was 10 months, in a pop up with my parents, My 2nd started when he was 4 and my daughter was 7 months and we were tent camping. Once my daughter and her twins at 9 mos. started camping with us, we abandoned the tent and rented cabins -- primarily because of the black bears in the...
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    POLL / PETS do you camp with or without them

    We have camped with and without our dogs. When we are going in a group, we would leave our "girls" at home. When my daughter has come with us, her dog and our younger dog go to a doggie camp and we would take our older girl with us. Since that last trip our older girl passed. We took our...
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    Introduction from Western New York

    Hi Campers... So excited to find this site and hopefully soon have our first pop in our driveway. I grew up camping, first in cabins, then my parents got a basic soft side Apache. At the time it was the lightest we could tow with my Dad's Ford Falcon. In a few years , we upgraded to a Nomad...
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    How did you come up with your screen name?

    My screen name is what I am ... more or less. Started using it because I have twin grandsons... Joseph and Jeremiah. and now a third... Jamison. I am the little grandma. They have all been camping with us... Jamison the youngest at 5 months and the twins started when they were 9 mos...