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  1. J Starsky

    Upper Penisula

    I recently posted some campground reviews you're sure to be interested in:
  2. J Starsky

    how do you um "do it" in the popup with kids

    Is that what my Mess Tent is for? Well Howdy.
  3. J Starsky

    TV in the shop, and the big day is arriving next week...

    Just go. Maybe worth buying an instatent, or canopy of some type. IF you don't open it, you could return it... I love our screen house cooking set up in our TT. Maybe time for that screen tent?
  4. J Starsky

    Trip kind of

    Yeah, I had one of those bro-in-laws...Got ride of him via divorce. I don't like your guy either, I can tell. All the way in MN, I can tell.
  5. J Starsky

    I made a "dinofa"

    Well, more of a Davenport to me, but I'm not one to mince words. I'll admire the back support in a PUP from afar... Yeah, Davenette has a ring to it [LOL] that's the ticket.
  6. J Starsky

    I made a "dinofa"

    I didn't think actual back support could be had in that spot. Bravo on the automotive carpentry there bud!
  7. J Starsky

    Trip kind of

    Notice the use of chlorides increased as the power that be started to pave the interstates in Concrete Vs Bituminous? Pave it black & don't look back #hotmixasphalt #fightmeonit
  8. J Starsky

    Trip kind of

    We mostly all look that in MN. Good Beards, sometimes more husky, but we keep our head tilted a lil bit, maintain that 30 degree angle when speaking to each other...
  9. J Starsky

    Trip kind of

    Pretty Much Salt Water and fancy additives. Chloride is fun for us northerners, MnDOT Says:
  10. J Starsky

    Trip kind of

    I didn't see a season stated. I bet they winterize in the north edge at some point?
  11. J Starsky

    Trip kind of

    Can you settle for 'burban in the wild shots?
  12. J Starsky

    Trip kind of

    Oh, Kwichyerbichen [LOL] This is worth like two state parks:
  13. J Starsky

    My eBay find( vintage bunk end warmer)

    Well, you're sleeping on top of it... You'll know if it goes wrong right away. I don't see the issue here, Darwin can handle it, brother [LOL] Try after a nice shower....
  14. J Starsky

    Trip kind of

    Nebraska is a really nice place. I often think of my few days there and look forward to when I'll cross that path again.
  15. J Starsky

    KOA - Erie - (McKean)

    I'm down for some KOA reviews if they're nice enough to visit. Or I'd do one if it were a spot to steer clear of, but I haven't had a KOA in that shape ever. Actually an oddly perfectly timed review. I try stay away from a KOA if I can help it, but I like them for a single night or two in &...
  16. J Starsky

    Camping with snobs?

    Word to your Motha
  17. J Starsky

    My maiden voyage has to wait.

    It might be worth seeing your friends and your comfort to set up shot at the Holiday Inn. And you still get to visit your budds at camp. Food for thought. Plus, WI is nice the time of year..... OK, maybe not but ya know, it's the thought In MN, I don't know IF I should run a leaf blower or...
  18. J Starsky

    Camping with snobs?

    Imma keep campin' with slobs, thank you very much [LOL]
  19. J Starsky

    Watch the Prices

    Don't hold me over a barrel on it, but if you tell a Target/WallyWorld person a reasonable sounding price, without evidence, seems like they just give you a $5 gift card and pat you on the head, nowadays... I think they're happy you didn't steal at self checkout...
  20. J Starsky

    TV replacement - an interesting option - JEEP LIBERTY WINS THE DAY

    New jeeps afoot, parts swaps likely. This was a done deal before he asked the DW [LOL]

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