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    Pop up RV or tent

    The state parks here in Florida allow small pop ups in tent sites if they will fit. So you have to look at the length of the site and width if you have a slide out.
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    How long does it take you to take down your Popup camper? How many helpers?

    It usually takes us two hours from when we get up to eat breakfast and break camp, as we usually go for a week or more at a time, have to strip the bedding and clean up the inside and empty cooler so when we get home, we can just put it away unless we need to dry the canvas. We take a lot of...
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    Cooking on weeklong trip

    Buy the pie iron, then you buy pizza sauce, pepperoni, cheese etc, buy a loaf of white or light wheat bread, butter bread and put the buttered side out and put the pizza fixings on the inside and cook over the fire, the kids love it, also can do hot sandwiches and use pie filling for pies over...
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    First time out in my new to me camper!!

    Looks very similar to our first Coleman we had with a single sleeper on one side. You will really enjoy it I am sure.
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    How long can you leave your pup popped up

    We will be in the Florida Keys for 6 weeks popped up
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    2013 Rockwood 2318

    We have a 2013 rockwood 2514g, and it has not leaked and we have been in terrible rain storms. We have camped in 12 parks since August and have not had any problems with leaks in the canvas even with 5 days of hard rain at Hillborough river, had a few tree frogs in the camper, and had to walk...
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    Favorite Card games

    We love the card game Play Nine, lots of fun and you can play with an uneven number, like golf.
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    Best campsite yet!

    Can we come camp there.
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    Aliner has gone Soft

    Still to me the issue with our Aliner was no canopy to get out of the sun and with the big domed windows we could not put our kayaks on top. Like the look of it though and it was much easier to put up.
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    First Trip Out

    Great rig how was the park? WE have never been there.
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    Paynes Prarie State Park in Florida

    We are looking forward to camping at this park this year. We stopped by and checked it out. looks great for hiking and biking' great photos, thanks for sharing.
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    So, what did you do for your camper, December 2012?

    We enjoy Hillsborough River also, but this fall we were flooded out, to get to the restrooms you had to walk through almost ankle deep water and we had about 4 inches of water on our campsite and it was over the top of out door carpeting. We checked all the campsites and have the numbers of...
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    pop up heat

    We found that if we close the curtains and do not heat the ends the camper will warm up, and we just heat the end we are going to sleep in to warm up the covers and put the mattress heater on and we are good to go, I did add a few blankets to the pop up for those cold nights. If it was really...
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    Fauct replacement with a higher faucet for dishpan filling

    Thanks for the great ideas and photos. We have a Rockwood Premier 2013, why they do not put in a better faucet is beyond me. This will give us something to work on in January, we are heading over to Gamble Rogers State Park in Flagler Beach for a few days on Sunday, can't wait, we just got...
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    Faucet Replacement

    This sure looks like a great solution.
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    Fauct replacement with a higher faucet for dishpan filling

    We have a regular pop up, can we replace our sink faucet with a higher model, I think it would fold OK, as there is plenty of room between the faucet and the floor when we fold down the camper but at parks without the sinks for doing dishes, it sure would make filling my dish pans easier.
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    Emptying grey water - Where? How?

    At Long Key State Park they told me to empty my dishwater into the bushes, he next night we scared up some rats on the way to the restroom. So now I make sure I do not dump any water or any water that has an odor in our campsite, I go to the sink at the restroom or to the dump.
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    outdoor grill?

    We use ours all the time, it cleans up easily and is easy to use. We were hesitant at first, but once we started using it we like, still like to cook over the open fire, but the grill is also great to use.
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    "Must Haves" for the first time PUP owner

    Re: \ I always put bug spray in my car door so if we get to a campsite and the bugs are bad, we can spray without looking for it. Also, we either stop to get a bite to eat or I pack our lunch so we are not trying to organize our camp on empty stomachs and we are both in a good mood with no...
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    Do you have problems with mice etc getting in when slide is out?

    Our Rockwood has a slide out dinette and there are some openings along the bottom area of the slide, we have gotten some tree frogs in one time when camped in a swampy area, but am more worried about baby raccoons, mice, or snakes, is there a way to block the openings, they just have some...