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  1. davez26

    Dimensions of cabinet? - Coleman Roanoke

    My wife and I have a 1991 Coleman Roanoke. Looking for dimensions, L/W/H of cabinet to the RH side as you enter. I don't know how much this differs in models. The trailer is in storage, and I am home for quite a while due to Long Haul COVID, so I have time to plan... Our thought is to convert it...
  2. davez26

    1991 Coleman Roanoke - how to secure manual crank?

    I am looking for the correct way to secure the manual handle. We received everything you see here, and it always been sketchy and with grandkids coming online to camp, even more. I can fab up a solution, but looking for what 'should' be there as well. Thank You - Dave
  3. davez26

    12 volts but no power. Cheesy chassis ground?

    1991 Coleman Roanoke Low options - 2x ceiling lights and a furnace. Converter for shore power for same. We used this for a year or so then into storage for 5 years and back out. Fresh battery. First run - no problem. Everything works, some clean, lube, etc. Driveway time, no problem. This...