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    Yikes! Wrong-way pop-up driver on freeway!

    This could have been really bad, but law enforcement managed to get it under control.
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    Camping with 3 year olds

    Snuggling up together with a book works really well. That's how us old people have always done it. Stands the test of time.
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    Going vintage

    Have you been keeping an eye on this page?
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    Leaving Cookie crumb so friends can find us

    Yeah, flagging tape is pretty standard. You can also tie glow sticks into it if you're having night-time arrivals, (try pink or purple, not white, orange, yellow or red since they can be confused for road directionals) and remove them after the last arrival.
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    Center seam plastic cover

    Hmmm. The stuff I've seen came in .75" or 1". My Coleman used the 1".
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    Steve, tell us about your ideal advertisers.
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    Our 1992 Coleman Seneca - getting to sell her :(

    My '84 Royale wasn't as nice as your '92 Seneca and I sold mine immediately (put it on CraigsList on a Friday afternoon, sold first thing Saturday morning) for $1,350 to the first person who looked, and had several buyers standing in line for it.
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    Our 1992 Coleman Seneca - getting to sell her :(

    I'm no help with pricing since we're on opposite sides of the country, but that is a beautifully maintained pup with a great layout, and it's built much better than many out there today. Do not be afraid to ask top dollar, knowing you have the option to make a great deal for the right person or...
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    Got hit at campground

    Ugh. That is not a fun way to meet other campers!
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    What do you while traveling to your camp destination

    We chat about random things. Sometimes, depending on the traffic, I put in my headphones and close my eyes, so I don't try to drive from the passenger seat. There are times it's better to just not know.
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    How far can you tow a popup?

    Three hours is nothin'! If he's nervous about it, you can get an instant read thermometer and take readings at a meal break or restroom stop. After the first few trips, he'll mellow out.
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    Had a stroke at the young age of 35

    Glad you get to tell us about it! I bet you'll recover nicely and appreciate life more than ever. Physical therapy is key. Be diligent and you will see results. Onward and upward!
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    OMG! Math skills required.

    Is that one of those things that only happens until you reach a minimum number of posts? Because it's not happening to me.
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    used hybrids what is the deal?

    I think diligence is the key. Know the market, look every day, and be ready to buy immediately. I got a 2005 R-Vision Bantam Flier F-17 Rocky Mountain Edition for a song by being there within the hour when it went up for sale.
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    Anyone else listed their pup for sale on Craigslist?

    Yep. Bought and sold on CL. When selling, I listed it late Friday afternoon and it was gone by 9am Saturday to the first person who looked at it. I use CraigsList a lot. Here are my tips. Watch CraigsList for a while before you list to get a feel for prices and competition. When writing the...
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    Cool old trailer

    1960 Geographic. Here's some info about it.
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    Lightweight chuck box alternative

    Looks like a nice alternative to a heavy wood chuck box. Lightweight and waterproof, and customizable to fit individual needs.
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    I made it back to heaven.....

    My husband came to the Central Coast to attend college and has loved it ever since. He used to say that if he couldn't find a job, he'd pump gas to stay here. Then all the stations went to self-serve. Good thing the original career plan worked out.
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    Whats your hometown famous for?

    The Madonna Inn The first municipality in the world to successfully ban smoking in all public buildings, including bars and restaurants, over 20 years ago. "Happiest City in the U.S."