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    Do you drink the water from your PUP tank?

    Yes we do drink from the Pup tank but like others sanitize in the spring. No issues to date.
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    Ever 'rented' your camper?

    Allowed “a friend” to use it the second week at a provincial park. Camper has not been the same since. They left bug spray on the Sill and ruined the paint. The outside stove performance is poor since they must have boiled over food on the burners. I can’t even imagine if they had to...
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    Good day, eh!

    Welcome from just up the road in Pembroke, Ontario! See you around.
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    Dark spot around fan

    Could that be the footprint of an old air conditioner?
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    What is your favorite game to play?

    Euchre, rummy, washers, poker, monopoly, sorry and ladder ball.
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    Welcome from Ontario, Canada!i
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    The lights went out- help!

    Check each fuse with a continuity tester as well as the bulbs. See if there is voltage getting to the socket and work your way back to the converter. Best of luck.
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    Has anyone camp knowing it will rain

    Always go! Enjoy it for what it is. Take an extra tarp or a popup shelter. Take cards, friends and have a great time. Listen to rain.
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    The Music Game

    True Love's Ways - Buddy Holly
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    Exhaust fan or AC unit on a new Jayco 1207?

    I sold the AC and put in A Fantastik fan vent. I have not regretted the decision.
  11. M from Canada eh?

    For all my Canadian friends.... Due to a SPUT, I needed a new plunge pin for my tongue jack and called all around unable to find one. Fearing the worst I called etrailer's 1-800 number to see what the damage would be for a $6.80 part. I expected $20 to $30 for exchange, shipping, duties etc...
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    Leaking Roof Vent

    I am not f.amiliar with the design, and pics would be good but I would remove the vent, check for hidden damage, replace any gasket and/or use a silicone caulking around the seam. That,s what I did with my fantastiik roof vent and have 5 years on it and still holding.
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    Why do you like the LED lights

    Same here, just for the power savings as we don't usually camp with hookups. Not to mention DW, DS and DD seem to forget to turn the lights off when leaving the pup....
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    my setup

    Nice to have your own private spot!
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    Coleman with ABS Roof worth it?

    I havE a 2003 Sun Valley and the roof is still in great shape. I have a couple of hairline cracks that I have drilled small holes to terminate the crack runs and siliconed over the cracks until I can put a layer of grizzly grip over the whole thing. It has wintered under a shelter every winter...
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    Bonnechere Provincial Park (Ontario)?

    Bring the fly fishing gear by all means. Allan's bait shop on Christie St. In Pembroke is a good local shop for gear, live bait and tips. I don,t fish the lake much as we are normally fall and spring campers. It's too busy in the summer months but perhaps Allan's shop can advise. Have a great...
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    Hello from the Mitten

    Welcome from Ontario Canada! You have come to the right place. There is literally nothing that someone on the portal has not fixed and is willing to share with you. Congrats on the new pup!
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    Indoor Towel Rack/Paper Towel Holder

    Very nice Thanks for sharing! I too will be stealing this idea.
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    Bonnechere Provincial Park (Ontario)?

    Great park -it's our go to as we live 30 min away in pembroke. Pembroke is also your closest best location for groceries. Either go to Moncions local grocer or Walmart superstore. You can buy local firewood just outside the park (turn left) 300 yards. Fishing is also excellent on the river...
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    Ambitious Road trip looking for gotchas

    Check the age and wear on the tires. There are a couple of threads here on reading date codes. Even if not worn down the age can be a problem especially on a long trip.