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    Rv max financing

    Hello folks, Looking for any insight y'all may have. Anyone know what credit bureau(s) rv max use for their financing? Any reviews of experiences financing through them? Much appreciated as always,
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    Packable boats while camping

    Wondering what all is out there. I'm in the market for something that breaks down and travels well in the back of the truck or the tt. So far I like the sea eagle foldcat and the dragonfly xlt by scadden (about 1k more than the foldcat). Looking for something for the wife and I while we...
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    First trip with the NTU tt

    So I posted about our new tt the last couple weeks and had our maiden voyage this past weekend. We headed out to Livingston state park just north of Houston. We knew rain was supposed to be present but were surprised at how there was no actual rain leading up to the trip. No rain that morning...
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    New to the dark side

    So after having our jayco for a few short months and making it work for us, we decided to make the switch to a tt. After much much searching and very interesting encounters with folks from craigslist, we found our new tt. Nothing special and very simple, but we love it. 2012 jayco jay...
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    Pup-less. Feeling empty and melencholy.

    So the wife and I after a few short months decided to sell our pup. Today we saw it drive away with a new owner. Didn't think I'd be this sad. The wife actually teared up. We are happy because it went to a good family of four with two kids. Definitely happy for them as they will be able...
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    Louisiana rv parks close to fishing

    Anyone have a park they'd recommend for Louisiana close to good fishing? I know it's Louisiana so good fishing is everywhere but just thought is ask. Been there several times on guided trips but being new to the pup world, we've never dealt with rv parks. I have found several parks in the...
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    points of interests between Colorado and North Carolina

    So the wife and I have been toying with the idea of heading out to North Carolina after Colorado this summer and wanted to see if anyone would recommend some points of interests between the two states. We are pretty flexible with the dates as we are both teachers and become available June 6th...
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    Help me learn my pup

    Ok, so very new to the pup camping and still trying to learn the thing. The pic below is the water heater to my understanding. I'll be trying that for the first time tomorrow. Been able to understand how to from the manual, videos, and threads from here. This pic below though is not making...
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    Out first trip

    So we had our maiden voyage this past weekend and thought I'd share some of our experiences with our new jay series 1206. Hope the long read is worth it for any readers out there. typing this has certainly been worth it for me. We were fortunate enough to get 1 spot at Lake livingston...
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    Coleman Mach warm setting?

    On our maiden voyage and it's colder than the wife and sister are comfortable with. When I turned the ac on and put it in warm setting, nothing happened. We let it run for a few minutes but nothing. Any advice on what I could be doing wrong? As we understand our pup is not equipped with a...
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    Gap between door and roof on jay series

    So the NTU pup has a gap from the door to the roof while collapsed and packed that is about 1/4 inch wide. I can open the door and it's convenient but is this normal for the jay series 1206? Reading through earlier posts it sounds like it can be the case depending on the brand but I just wanna...
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    New Pup owners in Houston

    So after a very interesting search , we found our "unicorn" (the wife called it that since it felt at times we would never find it) We came up on a 2012 jayco jay series 1206 in GREAT condition for a GREAT price. It met all our requirements. I can't wait to take it out . Thanks for all the...
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    Good price? Fleetwood Utah

    Hey guys and gals, The wide and I are looking to purchase our first pup and would greatly appreciate your input. Below is the info we got so far (we will be visiting the pup this week). What do you guys think would be a good price to offer? I've done about as much pricing as possible but...