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    What axle do I have?

    Servicing bearings on trailer tomorrow, have re-used seals last time but want to replace this time, what axle do I have, or number of the seal I need? It's a 2000 Colman utah
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    moving pallets across the can/usa border

    I live in ontario and do most of our campiming in michigan, Ive heard from some they have taken cut up pallets across no prob, and others say they were stopped. i will be camping in michigan in two weeks, Any knowladge would be great
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    roof make and snapping or popping noise

    Got a wierd one here, when we have the furnace on and the camper starts heating up, the roof will make a loud snap noise, does it a couple times during the time the furnace is on. any suggestions? BTW its a 2000 coleman utah
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    Break-away switch question

    I have a 2000 colman utah, and the break-away brake switch doesnt work. I have a battery and it is hooked up to trailer, I have 12v going the switch, and when I pull the plunger I have 12v coming out, but can still move the trailer (by hand) I also tried while hooked to the TV. btw the trailer...
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    Installed new Domestic awning today

    I installed my new awning on our 2000 Coleman Utah, with an abs roof. It says to leave the rail for the outer edge attached to awning and roll into bag, seems like alot of weight for travel? Also had to attach two anchor points for the horizontal support, I did drill a pilot hole and coated back...
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    Alcohol ban at Pinery

    Anyone camped (as adults) at the pinery during the alcohol ban week ends? Just wondering who abides by this rule, or exercise the out of sight out of mind theory. My wife and I are 30 and DS is 2. would they search the pop up? ive seen trunks of cars searched(full of teens). To what extent do...