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    DO Temperature

    Hey All, I have a question about DO's. How do you figure out the internal temp of your DO? How many coals do you use to get it to that certain temp. I have a DO and have not used it yet..... Thanks..Ed C. [?:~{]
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    Weight Watchers Campers

    Hi All! I just joined weight watchers today and was wondering if anyone here is also a member and if so, [CP] do you have any reciepes for camping. And for everyday use also. Thanks...Ed C. [CP]
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    Headed out in 2 days

    My Daughters and I are headed to Pahrump NV. for the weekend. We leave Friday and return Sunday. Not a long trip , but its always nice to get away. We'll be staying at Terribles RV Park, spots 1 and 2. My Brother and his 2 daughters are in the site next to us. The County Fair is going on in...
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    Foggy Headlights

    For the longest time i've wanted to do something about the foggy headlights on my Hyundai Santa Fe. Today I was at WalMart getting some motor oil and I spotted the kits to restore headlights back to new. The cheapest kit was just $8.00 and was made by Turtle Wax, i didn't want to spend alot. It...
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    Dull diamond plate

    Hi Everyone, i have a question about my dull finished diamond plate on the front and back of my PU. How can I get it to shine again like it was new. This is something ive noticed lately and want to rectify. Thanks Ed C
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    Whats on your Superbowl Menu

    Hey Everyone, Im just curious whats your all fixin for your Superbowl company. I'm sure there will be alot of good stuff. My menu is : Meat lovers pizza (walmart deli brand), Im also making my special grilled spicy BBQ wings, homemade stuffed potatoe skins stuffed with an italian meat sauce, a...
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    PU for a pedal bike

    I found this on another site, its a PU for the back of a Pedal Bike.... Its different, i would pull it behind a scooter before i'd pull it behind a pedal bike. Here's the web site and one for sale at Amazon.
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    Your favotite PU or RV Xmas Decoration

    Share with everyone a picture of your favorite Christmas PU or RV decorations or ornaments. I'm sure there has to be alot of cool stuff out there.... Thanks, Ed C [:D] Here's mine: A lighted PU decoration
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    How to make sausage

    Hi All, does anyone know of a site or site's that has some good reciepes for making sausage's. I have alot of Venison that i'd like to turn into sausage, and i really just want to learn how to make different types of sausage... Thanks,.... Ed C. [:)C]
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    More New MODs

    Im on a roll, I add 2 new sets of MODs to my Webshots today. the first is a Grey Water Drain Pipe (not my idea, but couldn't remember where i found this idea). Second is a Fishing Pole Holder (i used these when i lived in wisconsin). Hope you like them [:)C]
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    Natasha's web site

    Hi, does anybody have the Natasha's web site, i thought i saved it, but i cant seem to find it. Also if you have Oz and Us, web site i could really use that as well, Thanks.....Ed
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    New MODS

    Hi, i just finished adding my New MODs to my Webshot pics. One is a storage container i added to the frame by the hitch. Another is a Step i built to take the place of the one attached to my PU, i always hated that one. The last one is a cover i made for the water heater vent. I hope you like...
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    Back from latest trip- New Pics

    My brother and I just got back from Pioch, NV. We stayed at Horsetheif Gulch Campground and went trout fishing at Eagle Valley Resivour, which is just a few feet away from the campground. We had great weather during the day, but at night it was around 43*. My Bro had a Mr Buddy heater and it...
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    were back from trip

    Were Back home now. Yogi, there are Terrible Casino's, Gas stations, RV Parks, i dint know where they got the name, but i do like there RV Park!!! The trip was good, 2 little SPUT's, first when i was setting up the awning, i didn't unzip the bag before i popped the the PU, so i had my little...
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    Taking off tomorrow

    My brothers family and my family are headed out tomorrow for a weekend of camping at Terrible RV park in Parhump NV. its only an hour and a half drive from here (vegas). Its really nice, its away from everything so its quiet and peaceful. Ive got the PU packed and im leaving around 7:30 in the...
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    Got a FREE smoker today

    Today my younger brother gave me a Brinkmann Smoke N Grill for Free. Its been sitting in his back yard for awhile collecting dust. I went on line and downloaded the owners manual. Tomorrow i'm going to give it a good cleaning, and next weekend i'm going to try smoking a 9 lb. tenderloin. Its not...
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    Electrical Question

    Hi everyone, I have a question about the electrical part of the PU. We went on a fishing trip last weekend and there was no shore power. The first morning i tried to make toast and the taoster wouldn't work. I pulled out my outlet tester and nothing, i checked my battery and it had a full...
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    Looking for reciepe sites

    [:D]Hi everyone, i trying to find some good camping reciepe sites for some new ideas. i would appriciate any site suggestions,...........Thanks, Ed c.
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    Pie Iron Question

    I've never used a pie iron and was wondering if there are any web site with pie iron reciepes and how to use one?......Ed C. [?]
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    Pulled the PU out today

    [8D] Today here in Vegas the weather was so nice that i decided to pull the PU out of the garage and set it up and give her a good cleaning. It was just what i needed, its been awhile since we've gone camping. I think that we are going up to Pahrump for 2 nights, Oct 16 and 17th. We'll stay at...